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Synonyms for troth

the act or condition of being pledged to marry

Synonyms for troth

a mutual promise to marry

a solemn pledge of fidelity


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The servant of God, Konstantin, plights his troth to the servant of God, Ekaterina.
O Lord, our God, who hast poured down the blessings of Thy Truth according to Thy Holy Covenant upon Thy chosen servants, our fathers, from generation to generation, bless Thy servants Konstantin and Ekaterina, and make their troth fast in faith, and union of hearts, and truth, and love.
Teenagers Chloe Blackwell and Elliot Troth, both 19, and 18-year-old Jacob Grey have joined the practice which specialises in tax planning, statutory accounts and general business advice.
Answer on page 113 vvAllmi xed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a St Leger candidate Gut Oh Troth Why (7,6) Answer on page 113 Compiled by Daniel Hill, Lawrie Kelsey and David Dew
I also think those such as Madonna, allegedly on the point of marrying her third husband, 24-year-old Brahim Zaibat, make far more of a mockery of the institution than a gay man or gay woman plighting their troth.
HOW fabulous did Nancy Shevell look as she plighted her troth to Sir Paul?
The troth is that we don't have a shortage of PCPs; we have a shortage of using them efficiently.
John Troth, chair of the Rotary Club's International Committee, was on hand to start the ducks on their voyage toward the winning line.
Being born royal brings duties, but one of them shouldn't be conceding the right to decide when you plight your troth.
We would like to make it very clear that there is no troth to the rumour that the group plans to sell one of its core brands, Carapelli.
JOHN MUST GO IT'S time to see the Amazon and Tyne As flowing from one secret source upstairs, I've been dabbling with this thought for some time, The reason why, you might be unawares: Years back something got twisted in my heart, I didnt know my train was pulling out, I thought you'd gone off on a squeaky cart, Leaving me to face a lifetime of doubt, When really it was only I that changed, A split appeared in my vision of you, Half of you went with God to somewhere strange, The other half became a kangaroo, To make it back to you I must see both As capable of accepting the troth.
Troth Wells has produced five food books and she traveled extensively throughout numerous countries while researching this book.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Sidley Austin LLP announced today that Rebecca Troth has joined the firm as Pro Bono Counsel.
In April, the City Council filled three positions on the Planning Commission -- reappointing Bruce MacPherson and Manuel Salazar III and adding Mark Troth.
Danny Troth, technician, Peoples Telecommunications, LLC, La Cygne, Kan.