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the lowest atmospheric layer

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Tell students that weather is in the troposphere, the closest level to Earth.
A more general mechanism was proposed to explain the transport of smoke, to high altitudes, which entailed transport by the trade wind circulation towards the ITCZ followed by convective transport to the middle and upper troposphere [16].
The troposphere has the smallest range of altitude.
The troposphere delay is divided into two parts based on the causes of the delay; therefore we have a wet delay caused by the presence of water vapour in the troposphere and a dry (or hydrostatic) part caused by the presence of other atmospheric constituents.
The smoke from small wildfires typically rises only a few kilometers and stays within the troposphere, the layer of the atmosphere where most weather occurs.
Temperature in the troposphere is virtually unchanged since 1979 once El Ninos and volcanic eruptions are taken into account.
Though it is the Earth's highest mountain, Everest stretches up only about halfway through the lowest layer of the troposphere.
The first artist to land was Tomas Saraceno, the brains behind Air Port City, 2002-, an impressive yet politically naive plan to demilitarize and decommercialize the troposphere by building cities like floating clouds.
Located just above the automotive troposphere but below the stratosphere, the $164,990 Bentley Continental Flying Spur appeals to buyers looking for a sporting--yet reserved--luxury vehicle.
Troposcatter, or over-the-horizon communications, is the ability to transmit radio waves over the curvature of the Earth by bouncing signals off irregularities (small changes in humidity, temperature and pressure) in the troposphere approximately 10 Km above the Earth's surface.
Sure, the population of women is on the rise here, but still, in Lake View on a muggy spring eve the troposphere is saturated with testosterone emissions.
The dishes bounce a signal off the bottom layer of the troposphere, allowing it to travel greater distances than a simple line-of-site transmission.
The global trend in the troposphere as measured by satellites has been near zero since the 1970s (see "Corrections to the Mann et.
The Intune Technologies deal will see the company deliver laser-technology into the LIDAR system, which works on the same system as RADAR and will measure water vapour concentration levels in the earth's upper troposphere and lower atmosphere.