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the lowest atmospheric layer

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2013, Near real-time regional troposphere models for the GNSS precise point positioning technique.
3D tomographic GNSS software was developed to model the troposphere dynamics throughout the GPS measurements of slant path wet delay (SWD).
The little difference in the value 'n' from unity in the troposphere is the reason for the use of practical unit N.
This weakening enabled a major trough to form and intensify up to the upper troposphere, 200hPa level and, by model prognostics, shape into a neat cut-off vortex pattern.
Beyond the troposphere is the stratosphere and the mesosphere followed by the thermosphere, also called the ionosphere because many of the atoms here have ionized (gained or lost electrons and so carry an electrical charge).
The first earth science mission will consist of six long-duration missions over the Pacific and Arctic regions this year to collect atmospheric data in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.
The increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the troposphere (up to five miles above sea level) results in less heat reaching the stratosphere, so more of the heat radiated by the Earth is reflected back, instead of escaping to warm the stratosphere.
What is the name of the narrow band of very fast wind occurring in the upper troposphere or lower stratosphere?
The Earth's ozone layer is located in the lower stratosphere, which lies just above the troposphere (which begins at the planet's surface and reaches up to about 12 kilometers), catching harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.
Humans live in the troposphere, which is warm near Earth's surface but gets colder the higher up you go.
The stratosphere reaches from the top of the troposphere to 50 km (30 mi) above Earth's surface.
The smoke from small wildfires typically rises only a few kilometers and stays within the troposphere, the layer of the atmosphere where most weather occurs.
The decision explains that the product may only be sold to or used by qualified professionals, that measures to reduce risks need to be taken by operators and that the monitoring of the concentration of sulphur difluoride must be guaranteed in the upper layers of the troposphere, with member states, after 1 January 2009, being required every five years to present the Commission with reports on this surveillance.
Temperature in the troposphere is virtually unchanged since 1979 once El Ninos and volcanic eruptions are taken into account.
Though it is the Earth's highest mountain, Everest stretches up only about halfway through the lowest layer of the troposphere.