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Synonyms for troponym

a word that denotes a manner of doing something


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We also counted the frequencies of troponyms of "walk.
While our results support the idea that "smiles," "looks," their troponyms, and -ly adverbs are indeed important devices for audio description, (2) we must recognize that there may be other important devices that we have not accounted for.
We start by looking at -ly adverbs, at their usage with "looks" and "walks" and at troponyms for these verbs.
The antonym, hypernym, troponym, entailment of verb synset can be obtained in verb data file (data.
i], should include the hypernym, troponym and entailment of each [S.
ArWn Evaluation Features Semantic Relation No of Correct Relation Relation Attribute 13 11 Cause 11 9 Class member:Category 10 8 Class member:Region 6 4 Class member:Usage 3 2 Pertainym 12 8 Substance holonym 11 8 Substance meronym 11 8 Member meronym 21 15 Member holonym 21 19 Part meronym 6 4 Part holonym 6 4 Hyponym 138 99 Instance hyponym 6 4 Entails 6 4 Antonym 6 5 Similar 5 4 Derived 26 20 See also 6 5 Verb group 5 5 Participle 3 2 Hypernym 37 31 Troponym 2 2 Disharmonies 2 2 Derived related form 2 2 Total 375 285 Semantic Relation Precision Percentage Attribute 15.
Many verbs indicate more precisely the manner of doing something, for example, march, strut, traipse, amble, and mosey are troponyms of to walk, that is, they are ways of walking, mutually inclusive or temporally co-extensive.
I will now concentrate on the set of relationships that can be established between a genus and its troponyms in terms of lexico-semantic and morphosyntactic variation.
These two calculations indicate that, given a corpus of general language use, archilexematic predicates are used more frequently than their troponyms.
What we argue is that, given a set of OE lexemes that form a lexical subdomain, the most general predicate will tend to appear more frequently than its troponyms and its usage will be more or less regular through different textual types.