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Synonyms for troponym

a word that denotes a manner of doing something


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Troponym A B stares 16 4 gazes 9 5 peers 8 3 glances 5 2 eyes 4 0 studies 3 0 glares 2 0 regards 0 1 Table 2a: Frequencies of word forms ending -ly that follow the word forms "looks.
We also counted the frequencies of troponyms of "walk.
While our results support the idea that "smiles," "looks," their troponyms, and -ly adverbs are indeed important devices for audio description, (2) we must recognize that there may be other important devices that we have not accounted for.
The antonym, hypernym, troponym, entailment of verb synset can be obtained in verb data file (data.
i], should include the hypernym, troponym and entailment of each [S.