tropical zone

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the part of the Earth's surface between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

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The Earth's tropical zones are expanding, causing subtropical arid zones to extend into 'Mediterranean' temperate zones formerly characterised by wet, cold winters and hot, dry summers, according to James Cook University researchers.
2001), and demonstrates the wide range of environments and ecosystems that occupied the tropical zone during this time.
Ostensibly to underscore the point that this is the only Latin American country without a tropical zone, a committee of Chilean business and civic leaders (not artists) voted to send an iceberg to the pavilion representing their nation at Seville's Expo '92, where it provided self-regulating air conditioning as it gradually melted away into nothing.
Washington, August 13 (ANI): A new research has discovered significant cloud formation within the tropical zone near the equator of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, which is evidence that the parched, dry desert of the natural satellite can support large-scale storms.
Sports equipment innovators have long been translating the skiing and skating experience to people in the tropical zone.
Undoubtedly the main event recently has been the appearance of a major bright storm in Saturn's North Tropical Zone (NTropZ).
Sydney, July 6 (ANI): Australian experts have warned that the globe's tropical zone is expanding rapidly and more research is needed to help humans adapt to the changing climate, which means less rain.
The emphasis will be to maximize the beauty of the suites and its Tropical Zone, a roof top lounge complete with retractable roof, tapas bar, lap pool, surround theatre, all with a with tropical feel.
The major event of the apparition was the appearance of a light spot in the South Tropical Zone.
Located in the tropical zone, Hainan has been producing Robusta coffee beans for more than 200 years.
Project Description : The project aims a promoting inclusive economic development in the Golfo de Fonseca Region, which is part of the dry tropical zone of Central America, particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.
In the tropical zone where the mammal-relative traversodont cynodonts lived, monsoon-like rains fell twice a year.
Further, the expansion of the Tropical Zone has become irrefutable providing a zone of slack winds above, at least, the western part of southern Africa.
The grassy savannah plains morph into the thick, lush forests of the humid tropical zone, followed by the impenetrable rainforest of equatorial regions.
Redevelopment of the zoo and castle to include new 'theme journeys' through the different regions - tropical zone, Asiatic forest and European and Polar areas - plus aquatic facilities and new orang-utan, lion and tiger enclosures.