tropical zone

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the part of the Earth's surface between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

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She added: "Breathtaking species, native to areas from around the world, have been carefully selected for our Tropical Zone, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience these amazing butterflies up close.
Both climatic and physical zonation indicate that the tropical zone (designated "marginal tropical zone") is generally south of the Tropic of Cancer, except for parts of southwest China (National Committee of Atlas Compilations, 1999), although the precise demarcation line for the tropical area has been debated and variously applied (Zhu, 2013).
Later, it was described for the entire tropical zone of the Pacific and Indian Ocean (Knox, 1957; Day, 1967; Reish, 1968; Gibbs, 1972; Rullier, 1972; Kohn & Lloyd, 1973a, 1973b).
Some even thought there might be a tropical zone that would be a paradise for those able to find it.
The first thing I noticed," he writes, "was the sharp, elliptical, and very dark spot in the North Tropical Zone near the northern edge of the planet's North Equatorial Belt.
While these areas could experience more droughts, the expansion of the tropical zone into former subtropical regions could result in heavier rainfall and flooding, with a possible poleward shift in the paths of extra-tropical and tropical cyclones over the next 100 years.
Since Maiduguri lies in the tropical zone, the classification of the Kanuri newborns as dolicocephalic agrees with a study carried out by Bharati et al.
The different data sets suggested various amounts of widening of the tropical zone representing north- and southward movement of between 200 and 480 kilometres.
The redevelopment will create new "theme journey" through different regions, including a tropical zone, Asiatic forest and European and Polar areas, as well as aquatic facilities and new orangutan, lion and tiger enclosures.
The Great Red Spot squeezes between the SEB and the South Tropical Zone, nestled in a big indentation in the SEB named the Red Spot Hollow.
The animals will be grouped together in specially-created ecosystems, including a Central American swamp and a South East Asian tropical zone, housed in futuristic dome-shaped enclosures.
52) that 'the enervating monotonous climates of the tropical zone .
Previous studies have emphasized the local dominance of cordaitaleans in coastal mangrove settings (Cridland 1964), freshwater peat mires (DiMichele and Phillips 1994), upland environments (Falcon-Lang and Bashforth 2004), and outside the tropical zone, in cool temperate environments (DiMichele et al.
On July 20, 1976, Viking 1 came down to the Martian surface at what would have been, on Earth, the edge of the tropical zone.
Ostensibly to underscore the point that this is the only Latin American country without a tropical zone, a committee of Chilean business and civic leaders (not artists) voted to send an iceberg to the pavilion representing their nation at Seville's Expo '92, where it provided self-regulating air conditioning as it gradually melted away into nothing.