tropical year

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the time for the earth to make one revolution around the sun, measured between two vernal equinoxes

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In spite of the simplicity of this action, our time position is due to the duration of a tropical year watched by the IERS (International Earth Rotation Service) that updates the national institutes and sets the variations of the Universal Time Coordinates (UTC) to keep the earth's rotation linked with the day.
Here we focalize our attention on an instrument used for the determination of the tropical year (the time between two spring equinoxes) that belongs to the history of the astronomy and the evolution of the calendar.
The more accurate tropical year -- the average time between successive vernal equinoxes -- is roughly 365.
But occasionally a tropical year contains 13 full Moons, such that one season has four rather than the usual three.
This relation is that, to six places of decimals, the number of days in 19 tropical years is equal to the number of days in 235 lunar cycles and is known as the metonic cycle.