tropical prawn

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edible tropical and warm-water prawn

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Sustainability of elasmobranchs caught as bycatch in a tropical prawn (shrimp) trawl fishery.
Atlantic cod (except line-caught Icelandic) Plaice Tuna, including Albacore, Bigeye and Bluefin (but excluding Skipjack) Tropical prawns (wild and farmed) Haddock (except line-caught Icelandic) European Hake Atlantic Halibut Monkfish Atlantic salmon (wild and farmed) Swordfish Marlin Sharks (including dog fish and huss) Skates and rays.
In 1998, with the strengthening of the price of prawns on the global market and the shrinking supply of tropical prawns, the volume of Indonesia's prawn exports even rose by 52.
The high increase in the value of Indonesia's prawn exports in 1998 resulted not only from a rise in the volume of such exports but also from an hike in the price of tropical prawns on the international market.
The fish to avoid, say Greenpeace, are: Atlantic cod, Dover sole, haddock, European hake, Atlantic halibut, marlin, monkfish, plaice, tropical prawns, Atlantic salmon, sharks (including dogfish), skates and rays, swordfish and several varieties of tuna, including albacore, bigeye, bluefin and yellowfin.
Their creative culinary and technical skills were illustrated once again with the debut of a Creole sauce-coated, pan-ready seafood mix of tropical prawns, mussels and squid.
Its range includes calamari, cod, dab, hake, lobster, mussels, octopus, coldwater and tropical prawns, salmon, scallops, skate, squid and whiting.
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