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a wife who is an attractive young woman

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Firstly, you have the detached trophy wife, the woman who thinks it is her role in life to be an object of adoration.
That is not to say trophy wife marriages never happen, just that they are very rare.
Arrogant and smug Lord Of The Manor Declan may have bagged himself a trophy wife, but he is about to discover why marriage is referred to as a ball and chain.
Among the throng are keep-fit guru Jules (Cameron Diaz) and her dancer beau Evan (Matthew Morrison), whose tempestuous romance was sparked on a televised celebrity contest; cash-strapped photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and her baby-shy husband Alex (Rodrigo Santoro), who are waiting for news about their adoption application; fast food vendor Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and old flame Marco (Chace Crawford), whose one carefree night of lust has dramatic consequences; baby shop owner Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) and insecure husband Gary (Ben Falcone), who are delighted by the prospect of starting a brood; and his sportsman father Ramsey (Dennis Quaid) and trophy wife Skyler (Brooklyn Decker), who miraculously announce they are having twins.
She becomes his trophy wife and is left his estate when he dies.
The Trophy Wife Divorce, the fifth novel by author and Florida Bar member John D.
Robert Pujol (Fabrice Luchini) manages an umbrella factory, which he inherited from the father of his trophy wife, Suzanne (Deneuve).
Set in 1977, Suzanne (Deneuve) is a 'potiche', the trophy wife of selfish, neglectful husband Robert (Luchini).
Highlights include I Am Jin Young, an engaging Korean short featuring a precocious prepubescent girl whose life and view of sexuality change when her mother brings home her hot tomboy friend; the quick and sexy Trophy in which an Ellen Page look-a-like baby dyke seduces her father's new trophy wife and Public Relations, a charming upbeat romantic-comedy short in the vein of Imagine Me & You, which foilows the budding romance between two overworked personal assistants who, after years of talking on the phone, are suddenly in the same city.
With a basic set-up of one nuclear household, their brother's gay parenting couple family and a third family unit made up of a rich older man and hot trophy wife, this could scream political correctness and right-on attitudes about minorities.
When he visit's the posh lawyers house he discovers that his rival has everything, from the trophy wife to the ultra polite children.
Together the pair convince a vicar's daughter, a trophy wife, a retired school mistress and a real Welsh good girl not just to buy a saucy calendar, but to star in one.
Marcus Webb, as the arrogant businessman, and Emily Outred, as his unhappy trophy wife, valiantly ignored the distraction of the book in their captor's hand to deliver convincing performances as the increasingly discomforted pair whose marital house of cards steadily disintegrates as suspicions are confirmed and secrets revealed.
Grazer's book -- about a woman who finds herself dumped by her successful husband, traded in for a trophy wife -- is being turned into a summer miniseries for the USA network.
A parallel story unfolds that concerns a narcissistic man, married to a trophy wife and enjoying a highly upscale life.