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a case in which to display trophies

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com)-- Canonball recently added the Emerging Media Leadership Award from Summit International Awards to their ever-expanding trophy case.
Marshall may not have a trophy case full of Emmy and Peabody awards, but no pop-culture connoisseur can deny the mark he's left on the smallscreen.
With her first singles title earned, Daskalakis (also a collegiate All-American in four-wall), hopes to add many more to her trophy case.
When I travel, I take them out of my trophy case and hide them.
TUCKED away in the trophy case at Billingham Church of England School was one very special award.
I'm proud to say that our trophy case is chock full of awards and recognitions applauding our Customer Service.
The trophy case for Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) member and Paralympic shooter Eric Hollen is probably getting a bit crowded.
He also explained that two outstanding change orders remained, one for the trophy case and one related to a condensation issue experienced this past summer.
L&L Holding Company's 200 Fifth Avenue--among the most successful historic redevelopment projects in city--continues to fill its offices as well as its trophy case.
On his first day as US Open champion, G-Mac had to force open the trophy case with boltcutters because he had mislaid the four-number sequence on the combination lock.
After a period of uncertainty following the retirement of its musical director, Denby Dale Ladies' Choir has been busy expanding its membership - and its trophy case.
After you read this paragraph, I want you to put the magazine down and go look at the glass-enclosed trophy case that's outside your administrative office.
There will be trophies in that trophy case going forward.
Luxury handbag and luggage maker, Louis Vuitton, has designed and crafted the trophy case for the cup.
Keitha Robson, manager of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, has further loaded up her trophy case after receiving one of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce's highest honours.