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As diverse as the attempts to historicize Hollywood have been, Trope suggests that all of the case studies presented are inextricably linked by one common theme: the tension between art and commerce.
In Agnieszka Lobodziec's essay, Toni Morrison's emotional trope in A Mercy is viewed as a literary representation of historical truth.
The physical intimacy between the two is of interest with its reference to Nanny's "let[ting] down mah hair," which links Janie to Nanny via the trope of the falling hair.
An object (a bundle of tropes) possesses a property by possessing a trope which is part of that property, i.
However, the invaluable strengths of the chronological structure is an implicit argument that Trope creates throughout Stardust Monuments.
The role of Ilana Davita Chandal in "The Trope Teacher" is primarily to make conscious the existence of a psychosis present elsewhere in the text, as well as to provoke reflection in the psyche of other characters.
In the fourth photograph, we see a young man, a pro-Palestinian activist, who is wearing a T-shirt that libels Israel in every possible way, invoking every trope.
The basic trope, as presented in Clotel's story, is comprised of three elements: 1).
By November 2008, Trope was "an unhappy, frustrated Republican," she said, ready to see the Bush administration depart after its limited-government rhetoric gave way to growth in federal spending.
Brown writes on "Salvific Moments in John Donne's Devotions upon Emergent Occasions" with sure and effective sympathy, and with effort he connects his discussion with the Carrithers and Hardy trope.
Sorrell Trope of Trope and Trope, identified by some media reports as the Los Angeles divorce lawyer representing the couple, has confirmed to Schillings that the company had no involvement with Pitt and Jolie.
She has also hired Sorrell Trope, 82, a partner in Californian law firm Trope and Trope who has represented stars including Nicole Kidman, Nicolas Cage and Britney Spears.
Additionally, the one trope that does not employ rhyme (no.
But this has angered members of law firm Trope and Trope, who are in charge of Britney's custody battle for her two children with ex-husband Kevin Federline.
Meanwhile Spears's lawyers from the firm Trope and Trope have asked a court for official permission to drop her as a client due to a "breakdown" in communication.