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Trope's book reveals a new side to these stars that rounds out and elaborates on their public persona.
In "The Trope Teacher," she appears as a grown woman, recently divorced, and is described (via expository dialogue) as an esteemed writer of somewhat peculiar short stories.
In the fifth and final photograph, we see, in addition to the continuing project of excluding and repudiating Jews, the "Jewish self-incrimination" trope, also known as the "Jewish admission of wickedness" trope.
Brown repeats--and reworks--the basic trope in Clotel through the story of Jane, Clotel's niece.
Trope's alarm gave way to outright anger, she said, as Obama's administration took up predecessor Bush's bank bailout plan and then pushed the nearly $800 billion stimulus spending package.
This point is well established in Kate Narveson's "The Ars Longa Trope in a Sublunary World." With Stephen Pender's concluding "Habits of Thought, Structures of Feeling," the tropological world of the Renaissance is extended into a much wider project.
These comments delineate relationships among existing concordances (applicable only to the first two conductus and the texts of items 5, 6, 10, 13, and 15 among the tropes), probe the difficulties of how to complete the cues given for the tropes' parent chants, tabulate musical ranges and opening and cadential pitches, and comment briefly on the different ways that poetry and music interact within the pieces.
Using the fact that malinche is gender-neutral (equally applicable to men and women), I shake up Paz's neat definition of the La Malinche trope as uniquely Mexican and feminine by casting Piri in the role of a Puerto Rican male malinche (56).
It is also itself a "trope" that represents what is currently highly fashionable within some circles of academia.
It's time for a new trope. Last issue we promised to bring to your attention chiefs who are more indicative of where leadership is going.
The trope here of the paralyzing gaze is reversible because while Big Boy takes cautious, slow-motion steps toward his clothes, so long as the "ghastly Fright" stands there looking at him, he, too, is "too appalled to stir"--to make the movement that would accomplish his aim.
Without a correct diagnosis and a firm understanding of the biological fundamentals, say Trope (endodontics, U.
The camera pans the exteriors, ventures deeper inside, and then backs away, a structure echoing the familiar sci-fi trope of arrival on a seemingly deserted planet.
The accompanying texts trope the graphic technique, opening with opinion masquerading as fact: ('The time has come for the lyricism of control, for calm as an ideal, for bringing the Virgilian dream, the peace of the countryside enjoyed with the self-consciousness of the city-dweller, into the notion of the city itself') before describing what they found and what they did.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-2 February 2004-Chips Abp acquires Trope A/S(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD