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As Trope shows, films are only one example of many different objects used to convey Hollywood's aura as a national and transnational myth, cultural icon, and symbol.
The nature of a trope depends on the natural class it belongs to and its natural class therefore is not itself dependent on the individual tropes' "nature".
Contained the narrator's brief description of Currer and her daughters are the basic elements of the trope.
Trope is one of several local activists who say the government's bailout of large banks helped draw them to the tea party.
Although one might not miss listings of variants here, since all the tropes are melodically unique, the three conductus that head this volume could have stood for a bit more exposition in this part of the edition.
Gothic novels and monsters are 19th- and 20th-century tropes for class struggle, particularly the rise of and assault on middle-class sexual conventions, desires, and fears.
Whether these critiques were always correct is not relevant here; the point is that the project began as a constructive and often useful challenge to a family of ingrained cultural tropes.
Trope and Williams were classmates at the Harvard Business School prior to starting the company and raised the initial start-up capital themselves.
Greene avoids inundating the reader with lengthy disquisitions of abstract theory, and quickly moves to application of his Edenic trope and its appendages.
The six tropes, historically present but not recognized as rhetorical weapons used against a specific portion of society: women" (6), are "enactive, actualizing behavioral attitudes" (4).
Since I can hardly do justice to the whole in two or three pages, I would like in the rest of this review to examine one part-Paxson's deconstructive strategy with personification -- from the perspective of catechresis (abusio), the trope that, I think, most clearly by contrast (also thus by similarity) reveals the importance as well as, perhaps some of the limits of Paxson's argument.
The Company announces that it has appointed Alan Trope to its board, replacing board member Mr.
The Trope Bundle Theory of Substance: Change, Individuation and Individual Essence.
New Zealand) identifies the figure of the white Australian who becomes lost or disappears into the landscape as a recurring and enduring trope of white Australian settler culture.
New York, Dec 18 (ANI): Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren has called in California's top celebrity divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope to end her troubled marriage to the golfer, it has emerged.