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ship for transporting troops

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Requisitioned as a troopship, she carried 179,000 personnel and covered more than 400,000 miles during her war service.
He also fought for recognition for all those who perished in the tragedy of His Majesty's Troopship, SS Lancastria.
He was from the Amington area of Tamworth and drowned a couple of months shy of his 21st birthday when the troopship Cameronia was torpedoed in the Eastern Mediterranean by a German U-boat on April 15, 1917.
Finally we came to the end of the pier and I was transferred to a Higgins boat to be taken to a troopship for medical attention.
With the Nazis defeated and the war finally over, Eddie, now a Master Sergeant despite having less than five years total service, boarded a troopship for home.
And as for regulations that no animals would be allowed on the troopship returning survivors to England when the war ended, well, you can just imagine what this remarkable pair of friends did about that.
Now a group of amateur historians has begun a campaign to ensure that 99 years on from the sinking of His Majesty's Troopship Royal Edward, all the men who went down with her receive just recognition.
Consisting of two frigates, one corvette and a military troopship Barbaros Naval Force, was welcomed at the Dakar Port by Turkey's ambassador to Dakar Zeynep Sibel Algan and Senegalese officials.
troopship Dorchester, while en route to Greenland, was torpedoed by a U-boat.
He writes: As the RAF were accommodated on the lower deck of the troopship they were in the close vicinity of the explosion, which resulted in myself and many others being thrown to the deck floor, resulting in confusion but no panic and, happily, no fatalities.
It first served as a Second World War troopship. The vessel eventually caught fire in Hong Kong Harbour in 1975 and was scrapped, having been a feature of post-war travel with its Clyde-launched partner the Queen Mary.
From 1862-1867 he was on board the Royal Yacht Osborne and from 1867-1871 he occupied a post on the troopship Himalaya which conveyed the last English regiment from Australian shores in March 1868.
The Marquette, a twin screw steamship built in Glasgow in 1898, was converted to a troopship on the outbreak of war in 1914.