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Synonyms for tromp

to walk with loud, heavy steps

to step on heavily and repeatedly so as to crush, injure, or destroy

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He continued, "We believe that TROMP, while leaning conservatively right, will appeal to the greater majority of Americans; not only people that voted for Donald Trump, but those who support the Constitution and continue to believe in the rule of law.
Danie Goosen of the Philosophy Department at Unisa is the Chairman of the FAK Here he presents Nictus chairman, Nico Tromp with the FAK Award for Excellence in Leadership.
Certamente quello di Tromp non e l'unico diario che include il periodo preparatorio, ma e l'unico a non essere scritto come un appunto personale.
Bread decoration, make up, rack unloading, rotary moulding and depositing equipment are also in the Tromp portfolio.
Bull Market is trying this track because connections feel his efforts on turf do not reflect his ability, while Tromp returns to the all-weather having found the ground too quick at Brighton on his latest outing.
There are three more ships in this class, HNLMS Tromp, HNLMS De Ruyter and HNLMS De Zeven Provinci'n, the first ship of the class.
95) provides artists with a hands-on manual of techniques for rendering tromp l'oeil painting in grisaille and monochrome palettes, using classic works to display both black and white and color results.
95) tells of a groundhog who is not like others: she loves to splash in the cold river and tromp through the snow, and is happy year-round.
While other beach clean-ups happening around the country on this Earth Day might have focused on empty beer cans and abandoned beach toys, my work at Shi Shi, three miles from the nearest road and only accessible via a muddy tromp through verdant old-growth forest, focused more on debris washed up onto the beach from the turbulent Pacific.
It's a clever tromp l'oeil device, but it drains the movement of vigor, making us wish we could see the real thing without mediation.
Spring Meeting, Tromp International, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
According to Brairton, the proposed legislation would establish a single set of guidelines for AHPs that would tromp state regulations.
Mr Van Tromp appeared to prosecute and Mr Magdale defended.
It is so not only for the light it throws on the particular texts but also for the way in which Dickens is made, accurately and interestingly, to work as a writer who framed and enables both the textual sanctioning and the textual interrogation of the violence which, Tromp demonstrates, was a crucial component of Victorian marriage, both fictional and 'real'.
What kind of a message does that send--that it's okay to tromp through meadows off-trail and pick flowers?