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one of the bony prominences developed near the upper extremity of the femur to which muscles are attached

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Progression occurred medially in the wires placed for fixation of the trochanter major in two patients.
Although the biological and biomechanical superiority of IM nailing techniques is supported in literature in the treatment of extracapsular unstable intertrochanteric fractures, the intramedullar nailing technique is not suitable for fractures extending to the priformis fossa or for fragmented fractures in the trochanter major, in patients with excessive anterior bowing of the femur, in patients with chest trauma or polytrauma which would contra-indicate the IM reaming procedure in terms of emboli, or in patients with a narrow (less than 8mm) IM canal.
Radiographic evaluation of the patient with X-ray revealed a 13 x 6 cm radiopaque mass extending from the anterior border of acetabulum to the trochanter minor medially and the trochanter major laterally (Figure 1).
It was observed that caput ossis femoris was located more proximal than trochanter major.
On examination, the trochanter major region was tender (not noted at previous examinations), and passive movement of the hip was painful.