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one of the bony prominences developed near the upper extremity of the femur to which muscles are attached

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This approach exposed the entire span of the mass extending from the iliac blade to the lesser trochanter.
ischiofemoral ligament, which attaches to the ischium (the lowest part of the pelvis) and between the two trochanters.
Interestingly, similar values were observed for carcass length and trochanter width for all diets.
Bone mineral density was measured at baseline and four years later in the femur and trochanter (leg), radius (arm), and lumbar spine, while food questionnaires were used for carotenoid intakes.
In some cases the intertrochanteric fracture is multifragmentary and reversed and separates the greater trochanter completely from the femur.
One method consists of taking a measurement from the floor to the greater trochanter.
3) Having a restrictive belt tightened around the hips and sitting just above the greater trochanter would tend to pull the left and right ilium together flexing both sacroiliac joints.
After x-rays and a CAT scan, emergency room personnel determined that the patient had a small fracture of the greater trochanter of her right leg, as well as various cuts, abrasions and bruises.
Wall squat: Strengthens and defines lower body, strengthens rear hip muscles and takes pressure off the lower back Squats target the thigh bone (femur), femoral neck (which connects the hip bone to the femur), the trochanter (top part of femur), spinal vertebrae, and lumbar spine.
These showed that she had an invasive, inflammatory breast cancer that had also invaded her pectoral and intercostal muscles, her vertebrae, right axilla and left greater trochanter (femur) also causing pain walking.
The athlete then descended to the parallel position which was attained when the greater trochanter of the femur reached the same level as the knee.