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of or consisting of trochees

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The mirrored trochaic and iambic feet initiate a tentativeness in the opening line which echoes both the reader's uncertainty about the characters' situation and the stress that the narrative reveals: this is not a poem about dated apparel; this is not a steady, predictable metre any more than the state of this couple's relationship is solid.
And the wonderful grammatical ambiguity of each of the four words in the line "Ethnic crazy country bombs," emphasized by the implied equivalence of having the first three fit into three trochaic feet, allows him to indict contemporary American politics from many angles at once.
If it is so, we have to study, whether in, for example, syllabic-accentual trochaic tetrameter (T4), a quantitative pattern characteristic, first of all to verse is formed, not being automatically derived from meter or prosodic structure of language.
Across stress systems, ITL is manifested such that trochaic feet are formed preferably from units (i.
Whitaker rejected the long six-beat line in spite of its affinity with the Greek hexameter, and instead opted for a five-beat line which he describes as 'something like an iambic pentameter, but with frequent trochaic elements, to enhance the speed of the narrative' (p.
Chesterton's reversed trochaic and spondaic rhythm echoes this divine reversal--i.
Yet the opening trochaic foot anticipates the poet's increasing assertions of authority over the course of the poem.
before another variation in stress patterns takes hold in line three which begins with the trochaic 'Pattered'.
The trochaic bias is universal: new evidence from Hebrew, Comunicacao apresentada no Generative Approaches on Language Acquisition (GALA) 2007.
For instance, Holmes alternates between varying iambic and trochaic patterns in the following passage:
The characters in the final pair (with a distinctive trochaic rhythm in the dimeter lines) are parallel to one another and their pretensions may have more serious implications than their predecessors.
But Game One of the American League Championship Series, 1990, the bleachers were where every time Jose Canseco went up to bat the teeming bleacher swarm chanted some trochaic chant I couldn't make out at first.
When prosodist George Saintsbury tells me of "the rigid economy of means" in Swinburne's poem "Stage Love," with, he says, its "plain trochaic trimeter catalectic" I have to confess to being more puzzled than enlightened.
By means of a primarily trochaic sentence--one whose metrical scheme, like the convicted man, is destined to fall--Bohince restages a remarkable father-daughter reunion.