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emit a cry intended to attract other animals

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Mikey wiggled his toes around and cleared his troat.
O-words containing long segments baa bay beep bellow blare bleat blow boo boohoo boom bowwow bray buzz bzz caw cheep claw clear cloop coo creak croak cry cuckoo drone eek gnarr grind groan growl grr hoot paw peal peep pipe pow prate pule purr scrape scream screech shriek squeak squeal teehee toot troat tweet ululate whoop 2.6.2.
In using the name "Obokun," said to be a Yoruba name for an expensive fish but also a term applied to Mercedes-Benz cars, the poet is satirizing an excessive acquisitive mentality, as he does again in the poem "Country Make Me Good." This poem admonishes covetousness, which makes "ya troat long," and at the same time asserts the values associated with farm work - an injunction that is needed in a society which craves finished products without appreciating the labor associated with them.
A 17-year-old male came to the Ear Nose and Troat Diseases outpatient clinics of Silopi State Hospital with the chief complaint of a difficulty in swallowing, plus some occasions of vomiting and bloody saliva for the past few months.