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(Middle Ages) an introductory curriculum at a medieval university involving grammar and logic and rhetoric

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But there is one fundamental thing Trivium must address urgently if they aspire to join the metal elite - the bloke who twiddles the knobs on their mixing desk.
Additionally, the luminance boost provided by the Trivium BRILLIANT Film(TM) may contribute to extended battery life in mobile displays by increasing the overall efficiency of the backlight system.
Trivium recently performed at The Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida, (downloadable photos, videos, MP3's available at http://www.
This brings TriVium a new sales channel of over 400 active NBX Authorized Resellers that offer 3Com's IP-based business telephone systems.
TriVium Systems' award-winning CallAnalyst(TM) is a simple-to-use, advanced call tracking application that monitors and analyzes phone calls so customers can better understand phone usage, manage costs and monitor toll fraud.
Wojciechowski, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trivium Technologies.
TriVium is redefining CRM by bringing enterprise functionality to the mid-market, that's affordable, easy to implement, use and maintain.
In addition, TriVium has added new Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the US, India and Europe who are focused on providing web-based CRM solutions to mid-market customers.
Mid-to-small sized companies today need powerful, integrated and affordable tools to help them compete," said Mathews Manaloor, president and CEO of TriVium Systems.
Trivium Technologies, a Cleveland, Ohio-based technology company that is developing specialized films for the LCD industry, has been named an "ALCOM Technology Partner" by the NSF Science and Technology Center for Advanced Crystalline Optical Materials.
TriVium Systems, a leading developer of simple-to-use, affordable, electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) and call accounting solutions, and Artisoft(R), Inc.
We are extremely pleased that Intel has chosen to include TriVium in this year's road show," said Mahmood Sher-Jan, TriVium's director of marketing.
Envision Telephony, developer of Click2Coach(TM) solutions, and TriVium Systems, developer of SimpleRM(TM), today announced a partnership aimed at helping customer-centric organizations maximize both the financial and intrinsic value of their CRM and contact center technology.
0 offers new real-time reporting and analysis tools bundled with the system that expand call management capabilities at all stages of the customer service process via a development partnership with TriVium Systems.
Nasdaq:VTEK), Wednesday announced it has entered into a marketing partnership with TriVium Systems Inc.