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We've developed a good relationship with RTD," says Thomas, noting that the 15-employee Triunity has worked with large firms Kiewit and Carter & Burgess on RTD projects.
A definitive look at oneness theology; defending the triunity of God.
The tides of the two parts, "The Sociality of the Triune God" in the case of Boff, and "The Triunity of Reality" in the case of Panikkar, already indicate the different emphases and interests of the two authors.
Lai Shen-Chon, "Onto-Dynamics of the Triunity and Its Contribution to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue," pp.
The rest and activity that is the Triunity (49) in both man and God is perhaps best expressed by a lengthy passage in which Ruusbroec is clearly influenced by the Minnemystik of Hadewijch.
Triunity is an essential facet of God's grandeur as well as of God himself.
The missiological foundations I have discovered through this process are threefold: catholicity, the paschal mystery, and the triunity of God.
This suggests that the centrality of God's triunity goes beyond the doctrine of God (or theology proper).
In Christian theism, despite avowals of divine simplicity, there is the complexity of triunity, but few if any Christian theologians would think it idolatrous to concentrate worship exclusively on one trinitarian person.
The first half of the book is mainly taken up with an exploration of God as Trinity or Triunity.
This can imply a reified notion of the equality of relations that mark God's triunity, even in a nuanced treatment.
The flavour of mysticism, increasingly surrounding the Christian God as a result of the attempt to establish its paradoxical triunity, is perceived unfailingly in the Cappadocians who enwrapped the Godhead, by their special interest in the Holy Spirit, in a yet darker cloud of secrecy.
It is true that while otherness and dialogue are inscribed within the eternal triunity of God, "[W]hen man wishes to say "thou" he must go outside himself.
Likewise, on the Catholic side we could turn to such a figure as Bertrand de Margerie, who not only quotes Thomas Aquinas on the intimate relationship between the pope as the vicar of Christ and the filioque(1) but also contends that the triadology of the Greek Fathers necessitates the more mature speculative theology of the Latin scholastics (especially the psychological analogy) in order to resolve the relationship between the Son and the Spirit in the divine triunity.
While the arguments draw upon evangelical theological commitments, students of the Catholic tradition would certainly benefit from its perspective on the discussion of God's triunity.