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one of a group of three sharing public administration or civil authority especially in ancient Rome

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4) As seen in (1), Menus' purpose is to persuade Pompey to let him kill the triumvirs, and he starts this attempt at persuasion by asking questions, namely he performs speech acts, to bring about a change in Pompey's mind.
Following the triumvirs victory over the conspirators, Octavian fought Antony and Cleopatra for mastery of Rome in the final civil war.
20) These grants of territory, while certainly extensive and extravagant, were merely one part of Antonius' reorganisation of the provinces allotted to him in the East in his capacity as a Roman triumvir.
Octavius Caesar, Triumvir of Rome, Antony's great rival.
Il abandonna le titre de triumvir (20) apres 32 tout en conservant, apres cette date, les attributions de cette charge (21).
Modern historians, recognizing the "campaign of mutual vilification" waged by the triumvirs at the time of their final break, have commented on the difficulty of arriving at a fair estimate of Antony, who was, they assert, "not the indolent drunkard portrayed in Octavian's propaganda" (Boak and Sinnigen 254).
Gellium (28), personaje que se ha supuesto su padre; y en segundo lugar, el triumvir monetalis del ano 138 a.
Caius Flaminius, ainsi qu'un autre passage des Faits et Dits Memorables (I, 6, 11) qui se rapporte au triumvir de 55 av.
15) The illegal acts of the triumvirs had been acknowledged and rectified, but Augustus' legal powers as triumvir had elapsed, and he needed some sort of formal expression of his position.
As Gisippus is being tried by the triumvir Octavianus Caesar, Titus wanders into the court and soon realizes the identity of the defendant.
The young African made his serious way along the various steps of the normal cursus honorum, with a tour of duty as triumvir capitalis, later quaestor of Sicily, aedile plebis and finally, praetor.
His son Marcus Crassus, the later triumvir, who fled into exile after his father's death in the civil unrest of 87, spent eight months in Iberia (Plut.
Her gentilicium may have originated from a grant of citizenship to an ancestor made by the triumvir M.
Antony and the other Triumvirs refer to Rome, both in itself and as the centre of the empire, as "the world" (e.
The interpretation of archaeological field survey data points to the fact that these peasants were poor hence the importance of the agrarian settlement schemes carried by the Gracchi and the triumvirs (ibid).