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one of a group of three sharing public administration or civil authority especially in ancient Rome

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334-343) argues conclusively that Lucius' policy in 41/40 <<ne constitue pas un episode de la lutte entre les triumvirs, meme si, a ses cotes, les initiatives de Fulvie et de Manius se situent dans cette perspective, mais bien un ultime sursaut pour retablir la Republique>> (quoted from p.
(4) As seen in (1), Menus' purpose is to persuade Pompey to let him kill the triumvirs, and he starts this attempt at persuasion by asking questions, namely he performs speech acts, to bring about a change in Pompey's mind.
(20) These grants of territory, while certainly extensive and extravagant, were merely one part of Antonius' reorganisation of the provinces allotted to him in the East in his capacity as a Roman triumvir. (21) In fact, it has been suggested that Antonius' primary motivation for bestowing these particular territories upon Cleopatra was to provide her with sufficient timber to construct a fleet for him, not only to police the Mediterranean but also to aid him in his military campaigns.
Octavius Caesar, Triumvir of Rome, Antony's great rival.
(Latin name Marcus Antonius, c82 - 30 bc ) Roman triumvir and general.
that of his enemies, the triumvir Mark Antony was well known for his
<<For this reason Lucan must purge (at least poetically) Pompey from bis pastas a partisan of Sulla and a fellow 'triumvir' with Caesar and Crassus>>.
The story concerns Mark Antony, Roman military leader and triumvir, who is desperately in love with Cleopatra, queen of Egypt and former mistress of Julius Caesar.
Later, while in Greece to levy monies for the triumvir's wars, Plutarch's Antony impressed the local elite by taking time "to hear wise men dispute, to see plays, and also to note the ceremonies and sacrifices of Greece ...
Servilius Caepio for having brought about the Army's defeat by the Cimbri through rashness (103), and secured Caepio's exile; served as quaestor to Marcus Antonius (grandfather of triumvir Mark Antony) in a campaign against the Cilician pirates (102-100); tried for treason for actions taken during Caepio's trial, he was acquitted through the efforts of M.
Suetone, dans sa biographie d'Auguste, a rationalise le debat en insistant sur la dualite du personnage et en montrant que le pouvoir avait su transformer le triumvir vindicatif et cruel en monarque sage et respecte de tous.
The allegation that Octavian refused a suppliant's request to bury a victim of the triumvir's anger (Aug.
J.-C., Caius Flaminius, ainsi qu'un autre passage des Faits et Dits Memorables (I, 6, 11) qui se rapporte au triumvir de 55 av.
Dio's next remark suggests that what was involved was not some vague expression of approval and support, but a formal vote, by the people as well as the senate: 'And so in this way he obtained confirmation of his authority from the senate and the people'.(14) The most obvious interpretation of these words is that Augustus was given a special constitutional position, similar, perhaps, to that bestowed on the triumvirs by the lex Titia.(15) The illegal acts of the triumvirs had been acknowledged and rectified, but Augustus' legal powers as triumvir had elapsed, and he needed some sort of formal expression of his position.