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a radioactive isotope of hydrogen

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The expanded sight gap helps shooters find the front sight faster, and the tritium vial on the rear sight enables quick and easy alignment with the front sight in various light conditions.
Founded in 2013, Tritium Partners is a private equity firm focused on buyouts of growth companies in the lower middle market.
Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Curtis Pitt congratulated Tritium on their global success.
The announcement has stirred up controversy, yet other, lesser known nuclear facilities around the world have already been releasing tritium into the ocean and the environment.
The front sight is rounded and features a big white circle around a tritium dot in the center.
So you need tritium when you are going to have hydrogen bombs," Siegfried Hecker, the nuclear scientist and a professor at Standford University, said in Seoul, according to South Korea' Yonhap News Agency.
tritium, the manufacturers in tritium light sources market have to follow strict regulations specified by certain government organizations such as, the U.
The most common use for tritium is self-powered lighting, such as watch faces and weapon sights.
Never ones to do things halfway, BCM equipped the Mk15 with a whopping fifteen different tritium vials.
The training session will discuss over two days risk profile resulting from the tritium radiation, publicize the dangers of radiation and how to deal with the radiation in proper manners, precautionary measures to be taken when dealing with the dangers of radiation and how to recognize the signs of radiation using modern equipment.
A spokeswoman added: "Subsequent checks showed that the levels of tritium found in the sump water posed no risk.
The flexible and versatile 298 Tritium Trayshrink Packer is ideal for co-packers who need to respond to customers with a variety of packaging needs.
14 August 2014 - US private equity firm Tritium Partners and private markets company StepStone Group LP have made a majority investment in domestic cross-border e-commerce solutions provider Access Technology Solutions (ATS), the latter announced.
One example consists of polystyrene labeled with tritium that emits beta particles.