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rare form of dichromacy characterized by a lowered sensitivity to blue light resulting in an inability to distinguish blue and yellow

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As imagens das embalagens foram adicionadas individualmente na ferramenta, obtendo-se simulacoes para os tres tipos de discromopsia: (1) protanopia ou deficiencia para o vermelho; (2) deuteranopia ou deficiencia para o verde, e (3) tritanopia ou deficiencia para o azul.
Moreland, "Extent of foveal tritanopia in diabetes mellitus," British Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
The tritanopia type, a rare autosomal dominant disorder, occurs in 0.002-0.007% in the population (McIntyre, 2002).
She also reported that efforts to produce a purple E-ZPass signal light have not been as successful, due to difficulty in obtaining a true purple light and because of small-field tritanopia, a phenomenon that results in a loss of sensitivity to blue light when the signal appears very small.
The test makes it possible to diagnose almost all the anomalies of colour vision like deuteronopia, protonopia, tritanopia, etc.
The test makes it possible to diagnose almost all anomalies of colour vision like deuteronopia, protonopia, tritanopia etc.
The characteristics of tritanopia. Journal of the Optical Society of America, 42, 509-521.
"Tritanopia" is a visual defect characterised by the inability to discern which two colours?
S cones comprise about 7% of cells in the central mosaic and 'small field tritanopia' occurs for objects subtending less than half a degree.8