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a word having three syllables

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However, the data on trisyllables are very scarce; and the means that were calculated on the basis of less than 5 tokens are given in parentheses.
(2) The durations of the long and short vowels in trisyllables are highly comparable with the data on disyllables.
*LAPSE wrongly prohibits two unstressed syllables in the monomorphemic trisyllables. This problematic aspect of *LAPSE is illustrated by the evaluation of such a form in (19), where the *LAPSE constraint prefers the candidate with final stress, (19b), over the actual form, (19a).
We know that monomorphemic trisyllables never stress the final syllable of the word.
The consonantal suffix, [t] `causative', produces a final stress when it is suffixed to a monomorphemic trisyllable. This word provides an interesting contrast with its monomorphemic base, [??]asuga[??] `sugar' (SP), which does not have final stress.
A chronologically later process of vowel reduction targeting the second vowel in the foot subsequently obscured the conditioning context driving this foot repair process in Livonian (and sometimes in Ingrian trisyllables) but not in Ingrian or Finnish disyllabic words.
is lengthening greater after a light (CV) syllable in disyllabic words than in trisyllables and after a heavy (CVV or CVC) syllable in disyllables, as A.
A comparison of the second vowel in CVCV feet in disyllabic and trisyllabic words indicated virtually no difference in length as a function of number of syllables in the word: the mean was 116 milliseconds in disyllables and 114 milliseconds in trisyllables.
A third group contains light trisyllables such as kiriku and raamatu.
Yet whereas main stress is initial in second declension pairs such as kiriku ~ kirikut in table 15, trisyllables in the fourth declension often retain a penultimate stress pattern that identifies them as loans.