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a word having three syllables

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The identical behavior of prefixed and suffixed trisyllables thus supports the bracketing-independent constraint, the morpheme-to-stress principle.
LAPSE wrongly prohibits two unstressed syllables in the monomorphemic trisyllables.
As for syllabic extension, two sets of pseudoabbreviations were created, so that we could obtain results with monosyllables and results with di- and trisyllables, in order to test the validity of (1b) for EP.
Target lexemes were nouns, 41 disyllables and 5 trisyllables, in two forms: the nominative and the illative (in some cases illative/partitive).
The piano introduction, with its weak-strong-weak triplet patterns, mirrors the trisyllables of the predominantly anapestic meter of the poem.
Citing Paul Fussell on the nineteenth-century replacement of strict accentual-syllabic prosody with an accentualism that permitted trisyllables within predominantly duple patterns, Dransfield argues that the meters of Maud are literally lawless (excepting the strict accentual-syllabic lines elicited by Maud's military ballad) and thus directly convey the sensory experience of morbidity.
Adult performance in a sound substitution game was sensitive to onset-rime structure within the stressed medial syllable of trisyllables and in the final syllable of disyllables.
While the long vowels and diphthongs triggering lengthening in disyllables and many of the trisyllabic cases are either etymologically long (as in the case of many diphthongs) or have arisen through intervocalic consonant loss, many cases of lengthening in trisyllables have been triggered by spontaneous lengthening of the second vowel, e.
A third group contains light trisyllables such as kiriku and raamatu.