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a word having three syllables

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Light trisyllabic words, as in [??]a'[??]ama 'blind' are accounted for in the same way.
After calibration control was performed, the Marmara University trisyllabic word list followed by the Marmara University phonetically balanced monosyllabic word list were presented at 65 dB, and participants' implanted discrimination scores were obtained.
The majority of FTWs was also found to be di-or trisyllabic. However, according to the literature, words with fewer syllables provide an easier context for production and stimulation [9,10,26-28].
I argue that reading "leaped on high" as a trisyllabic foot allows the reader to visualize the leap as flowing and graceful.
Rhythmic accents (of duration or division) are those that hold the key to individualizing rhythmic structures thus identifying several categories grouped according to the number of items in bisyllabic, trisyllabic or by type in binary, ternary or mixed formations.
La silaba como unidad de activacion lexica en la lectura de palabras trisilabas [The syllable as the unit of lexical activation in the reading of trisyllabic words].
In this test, individuals are presented with 12 lists, numbered 1-12, each containing 15 common Portuguese disyllabic and trisyllabic words.
(6.) See a very similar explanation of acceleration by Hobsbaum in a trisyllabic substitution exemplified with Marvell's "Time's win/ged cha/riot hur/ry ing near" (8-9, 56).
Its trisyllabic length is also suspicious and tells us that if it is not a loan, then there are good chances that it is a compound, since most Japonic roots are either mono- or disyllabic.
Note that the phrases in Examples 3 and 4 are trisyllabic and can be uttered with prominence on the verb (i.e.
Forty trisyllabic CVCVCV (C=consonant, V=vowel) nonsense words were synthesized using text-to-speech MBROLA software (available at with a female diphone database (it4).
Springing a microlinguistic allegory of the reader's relation to text, the spectral hold of Mordecai's hopes on his survivor is funneled through an evanescent trace of the word ghost itself, sounded out once as an monosyllabic homophone, and then--I suddenly heard myself uttering--insinuated across a three-word trisyllabic cluster where the lexical revenant of "goest" conjures a spiritual recursion ex propria persona, the thrust of the future caught on the cusp of last words.
The names Drummond had chosen for the ladies were both trisyllabic and thus poetically interchangeable.
"Errantry" has a high number of polysyllabic words--the trisyllabic words, in particular, derive from Latinate words.