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a figure consisting of three stylized human arms or legs (or three bent lines) radiating from a center


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Development of the bus network high level of service from triskelion - 2014 work - phase 3: infrastructure, public lighting and light-signaling traffic, landscaping, concrete station.
TNO Triskelion performs research activities for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
Which two islands carry the triskelion symbol of three conjoined legs on their flags?
Joliet, Illinois, where she sings with the vocal ensemble Triskelion.
60) The deacons held censers, the subdeacons and deaconesses held manoualia, (61) and the myrophoroi each carried a triskelion.
Triskelion was commission by the Music Library Association six years ago to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary.
Filipino social organisations Tau Gamma Phi, Tau Gamma Sigma and United Triskelion of Qatar will be hosting a charity 9-ball tournament to be held at Rendezvous Bowl and Billiard Club on June 5 and 19, 1pm.
Before the construction of spatial layout Triskelion 2, it is imperative to renew and move antiquated sewage and water systems.
Thanks also to the medics from the Triskelion Society who thankfully were only needed on a few occasions.
The Center for Performance Research, Triskelion Arts, and Brooklyn Arts Exchange all offer Brooklyn rehearsal space starting at an attractive $8 per hour, while Chez Bushwick is a mere $5 per hour for members.
Members of the Triskelion State of Qatar (TSoQ) visited Al Wakrah Family beach over the weekend not to beat the heat by swimming but to clean-up the area as part of the group's TSoQ Cares programme.
Other organizations lent a helping hand including Shutters Guild, VSR Group, AKBT-Kabayan, FilVar Group, FAPS, The Samaritans and Triskelion Alumni Organization -- Central Region Council.
Contract award: triskelion 1st phase - recovery of degraded paved areas.
Triskelion lumpbreaker, double Rotocage lumpbreaker, and single Rotocage lumpbreaker for friable solids such as agglomerates, wet cakes, crystals, extrusions, pellets, waxes, fibers, chunks, slabs, and sheets that normally do not require ball, hammer, or pin mills.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Hampton Court' 2 Yoghurt' 3 The triskelion - three bent legs joined at the thigh' 4 Pew' 5 Cuba.