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a figure consisting of three stylized human arms or legs (or three bent lines) radiating from a center


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They can see the remains of the Triskelion in the distance.
The color scheme was retained in 1981 when USDOT decided to reverse the triskelion because the original version appeared to be running in reverse.
Thursday, April 18, Dunkin Donuts/Wasalak v PTTEP Oman Alpha Eagles, Star Pinoy v Triskelion.
Triskelion lumpbreaker, double Rotocage lumpbreaker, and single Rotocage lump-breaker for friable solids such as agglomerates, wet cakes, crystals, extrusions, pellets, waxes, fibers, chunks, slabs, and sheets that normally do not require ball, hammer, or pin mills.
But the canvases vary wildly from one to the next--using her tried-and-true vehicles of action and comparison, Fiona Rae's recent paintings stretch from the pastoral "We go in search of our dream" (2007), featuring a bambi and butterfly peacefully grazing at the foot of a tree, to the nihilistic and menacing "My favorite puppy's Life" (2004), in which a now mutated bambi triskelion hurtles through the dark reaches of space, surrounded by rotating stencils, blobs, and brushstrokes (think of the opening sequence of Superman).
For example, in "The Triskelion," a story of rampant Eros, the entire Jenkins family is depicted as animal-like.
Oppositely jointed against indecision, the three legs of the triskelion meeting in the middle between triangles, run in unison without assistance.
The design concept of the DRDO pavilion has been based on the symbolism of the Triskelion Spiral which is an ancient solar symbol that represents the unity of the three elements-land, air and water in one super entity the Sun.
Which two islands carry the triskelion symbol of three conjoined legs on their flags?
Joliet, Illinois, where she sings with the vocal ensemble Triskelion.
60) The deacons held censers, the subdeacons and deaconesses held manoualia, (61) and the myrophoroi each carried a triskelion.
Triskelion was commission by the Music Library Association six years ago to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary.
It seems Hydra won the events of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," and May is working for the bad guys at the Triskelion.
The Tau Gamma Sigma of the Triskelion International Kingdom of Bahrain, popularly known as TI-KOB by different Triskelion Councils worldwide, is a non-profit organisation formed on July 24, 2004.