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a small military force that serves as a first line of defense

a wire stretched close to the ground that activates something (a trap or camera or weapon) when tripped over

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A key technological aspect of the partnership is that it will extend Tripwire's automated asset discovery reach into industrial assets such as PLCs, RTUs and distributed control systems.
Tripwire's resulting solution combines Lastline malware analysis with Tripwire[R] Enterprise's change detection capabilities to identify malware as soon as it is introduced to a system.
BLAST PROBE Forensics teams examine scene of tripwire bombing
But the fourth bomb was placed on the side of the road in a residential neighborhood and rigged with a tripwire, so when it detonated Sunday night, two men walking through the area were wounded.
Some neighbors near the area of the explosion told media outlets they were informed the explosion was the result of a tripwire, but the authorities have not confirmed any details.
'Suddenly, I saw a boar chasing my dog,' Poeun told police, saying he tried to catch the boar with a tripwire. 'I tightened the rope to a tree and waited for the boar, but instead it attacked me.
Belden's purchase of Tripwire in 2014 is one example.
"Vietnam: An Inner View (aka Tripwire!)" is the culmination of a decades-long multimedia project that Waszkiewicz did with fellow producer Lea Jones.
Mortar shelling remains the main cause of civilian deaths and injuries, followed by land mines, unexploded ordnances and tripwire mines.
Designed to meet the security needs of global enterprises, Tripwire Connect 3.5 is a configurable reporting platform.
Chamber of Commerce, says, "This fix is particularly necessary as provisions under the JOBS Act have provided more opportunities for companies to raise capital through private channels, causing more funds to bump up against the current SEC registration tripwire."--Stephen Barias
Bill, in case you haven't noticed, our bombs are still falling on the Middle East, the Pentagon is dining on its richest high-fat diet ever, and 30,000 G.I.'s still straddle the Korean tripwire. This doesn't look like any kind of "America First" deal to me.
In a survey of IT security prof essionals by cybersecurity firm Tripwire, 80% of respondents said they were more concerned about cybersecurity this year than in 2016.
Tim Erlin, Senior Director, Product Management at Tripwire: