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a three-legged rack used for support

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STEP 6: Once the tripod is set in place, hook the chain on the 1/4-inch hooks, keeping the chain free of slack.
The flowtech hinge lock mechanism, with only one easy-to-reach latch per leg, is a huge improvement over the knobs you have to turn on a more conventional tripod. You never have to move your hand away from the latch to raise or lower the tripod, and a simple lever makes attaching and detaching the feet super easy.
Right: To gain enough height to observe standing up, Randy strapped a tripod to another tripod, which holds a pair of 25x100 binoculars with ease and gives him the height he needs.
|Anyone with information about the stolen tripod can call Cleveland Police on the nonemergency number 101.
Nelson cautions that not all tripods are created equal.
And they're so cheap on Amazon it's practically criminal - pay extra, if you have to, to get one with a 1/4-20 tripod mount so it works with your Glif.
Transparent Reporting of a multivariable prediction model for Individual Prognosis Or Diagnosis (TRIPOD): the TRIPOD Statement.Ann Intern Med 2015;162:55-63.
Units should keep the ammunition bracket adapter and M192 tripod.
I looked for the smallest, lightest tripod that could hold a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera) at close to eye level.
The solution is a good work light, and the Double Tripod Site Light (PS26.99, Screwfix) is the best I've found.
The T Gantry, H Gantry and Tripod models with intuitive technology can be easily integrated with other machinery and software, reducing concerns over teething problems, compatibility, effectiveness and costs.
WHERE can I get a Hollywood-style tripod floor lamp for my living room?
The subgraph G[W] is called a tripod and the edges [[epsilon].sub.G](W) = {[e.sup.1.sub.W], [e.sup.2.sub.W], [e.sup.3.sub.W]} are the legs of the tripod.
Use a tripod. The great thing about owning a tripod is that it turns you into a one-person film studio.