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of a cell or organism having three complete sets of chromosomes

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Second, area farms had limited sources of younger seed with which to initiate the study, most retaining the so-called "3N Northern triploids." Nonetheless, important insight was generated into the previous questions that set the stage for what will clearly be more investigations into "triploid mortality."
It is important to highlight that there is limited information in Mexico about performance of triploids oysters, as well as comparisons with diploid organisms during cultivation.
Cytotype frequencies are spatially structured throughout the species' range, with diploids being most common in the north and tetraploids and rare triploids being most frequent in the south; however, a substantial region of geographic overlap of the cytotypes exists, particularly near the Blue Ridge escarpment (Nesom, 1983; Burton and Husband, 1999; Servick et al., 2015).
Typically, aspen clones able to spread over large territories are triploid and their karyotype is usually referred to as responsible for high vigor and resistance to aspen trunk rot caused by pathogenic polypore fungus Phellinus tremulae (Bondartsev) Bondartsev & P.N.
In plants, triploids produce bigger leaves, flowers and fruits which make them attractive specially for ornamental horticulture.
[16.] Thorgaard GH, Gall GAE (1979) Adult triploids in a rainbow trout family.
Compared with diploids, triploids tend to occur in warmer and
Other local rivers have drawn a blank The River Wear Angling Association, which involves all of the major clubs, associations and syndicates on the river, is promoting an e-petition to reverse the Environment Agency's decision to only allow restocking with triploid (infertile) brown trout in English and Welsh rivers from 2015.
One day after pollination, the average ovule size varied from 0.80mm in AA diploids to 0.83 mm in AAB triploids, and 1.42mm in AAA triploids.
Viable tetraploids in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas Thunberg) produced by inhibiting polar body I in eggs from triploids. Mol.
Coman, "A comparison of heterozygosity, sex ratio and production traits in two classes of triploid Penaeus (Marsupenaeus) japonicus (Kuruma shrimp): polar body I versus II triploids," Aquaculture, vol.
Section personnel also plan and monitor stocking triploids in public waters (about 100 at the current time).
In the present assay, hematological and morphological parameters of the circulating blood cells of diploid and triploid juveniles of jundia were compared to provide knowledge to stimulate the rearing of triploids jundia.