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of a cell or organism having three complete sets of chromosomes

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The experiment in introducing the triploid trout was prompted by concerns the ecological impact of the annual restocking of lakes and rivers with 900,000 farm-reared brown trout.
This paper cytologically and morphologically characterizes the bluebunch and thickspike amphiploid population and compares it to the triploid [F.sub.1] hybrid and parents.
Ideally, aquaculture with 100% triploid oysters would pose no risk of establishment of a self-sustaining oyster population (Guo and Allen, 1994a).
Many states were leery of introducing a non-native species and passed laws prohibiting the sale or possession of white amur unless they were triploid (sterile).
These strains seem to be triploid, and cloning with subsequent sequencing of the PCR product showed that they contain three different copies of the URA5 gene.
Southern golfers not only play on fairways planted with Tifsport; many also putt on Tifeagle, a triploid bermuda grass variety Hanna released in 1999.
The industry, therefore, has been reluctant to selectively breed oysters (Nell et al., 2000) or use triploid oysters (Nell, 2002) since the financial outlay for all hatchery-produced spat is larger than for natural spat.
Included in the sale are channel catfish, largemouth bass, triploid grass carp, hybrid sunfish, hybrid redear, fathead minnows and bluegill.
But some of these 3PN embryos do not always develop into triploid embryos.
1981) has produced further advantages; triploid oysters grow faster than their diploid counterparts as a result of their reduced fecundity (Allen & Downing 1986, 1990, Nell 2002), present a greater heterozygosity (Hawkins et al.
The saffron crocus is a triploid hybrid species, is sterile and cannot be bred.
The prevalence of triploidy at the 11th to 14th week scan and in newborns is around 1:3300 and 1:10000, respectively, highlighting a strong negative selection on triploid pregnancies (2,6,7).
The unique genetic features of CHMs (purely androgenetic conceptions), PHMs (diandric triploid conceptions), and nonmolar specimens (biparental conceptions with allelic balance) allow for certain molecular techniques, including immunohistochemical analysis of p57 expression (a paternally imprinted, maternally expressed gene) and DNA genotyping, to refine the diagnosis of hydatidiform moles.
Long-term survival in a 69,XXX triploid premature infant.