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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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He said: "It was quite frustrating really - Ginola went through some excellent warm-up routines but never threatened to give us a triple twist.
The skill required for executing a tricky maneuver like the throw triple twist, in which the woman is launched into the.
The system generates a twisted yarn through two yarn ballons, one external with "S" twist direction, and one internal with "Z" twist direction, a differential speed motor bearing, consequently generates a triple twist at each spindle turn.
Finishing up on the floor, Alice began with an almost faultless triple twist.
It was one triple twists and in such situation week it "What a mad final!
Agot Ngong Okha, who survived the torture with serious injuries, told Sudan Tribune that they were ordered to lay down, naked, by brothers and cousins, before receiving strokes with a traditional cow hide triple twisted lash.
I was doing triple throws, triple twists, and then I fell on something so simple.