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a triglyceride of palmitic acid

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The lipids are pure triglycerides (tristearin, tripalmitin, trimyristin, etc.), long-chain alcohols (cetyl alcohol), waxes (bees wax, cetyl palmitate), and sterols (cholesterol) [45].
Murthy, "Etoposide-incorporated tripalmitin nanoparticles with different surface charge: formulation, characterization, radiolabeling, and biodistribution studies," The AAPS Journal, vol.
Tripalmitin (TP) and tristearin (TS) were purchased from SRL (Mumbai, India), while poloxamer 188 (P188) and poloxamer 407 (P407) were kindly supplied by BASF (India).
[14] worked on nanoparticles produced by tripalmitin and the tumoricidal effects of etoposide incorporated into lipid nanoparticles after single-dose administration were investigated in Dalton's lymphoma ascites bearing mice.
We purchased standard reference materials (SRMs) for pure tripalmitin (SRM 1595) and lipids in frozen (liquid) human serum (SRM 1951b) from NIST.
It is a natural bovine lung extract mixed with colfosceril palmitate (DPPC), palmitic acid, and tripalmitin. These last three ingredients are used to standardize the composition of the drug preparation, as well as to reproduce the surface tension-lowering properties of natural surfactant
The gravimetric method of Bligh and Dyer (1959) was used for determination of lipids in 40-50mg of foot tissue, while gonad tissue was assayed using the method described by Marsh and Weinstein (1966) on 1-3mg samples using tripalmitin as a standard.
The 6 standards used to identify lipid class were tripalmitin (triacylglycerol), palmitic acid (flee fatty acids), (S)-l,2-dipalmitin (diacylglycerol), cholesterol (sterol), DL-[alpha]-palmitin (monoglyceride), and L-[alpha]-phosphatidylcholine (phospholipid), and were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich.
The lipid classes were ketone (KET; 3-hexadecanone), aliphatic hydrocarbon (Nonadecane), triglyceride (TG; Tripalmitin), free fatty acid (palmitic acid), sterol (ST; cholesterol), and phospholipid (PL; L-[alpha]-phosphatidylcholine).
Lipids were extracted following the method of Bligh and Dyer (1959), and lipid concentrations were calculated by reference to standards of tripalmitin in chloroform.
Comparison to spiked samples with a tripalmitin (C16) standard indicated that the double peak consisted of triglyceride with different length C-chains.