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Synonyms for trip-up

an unintentional but embarrassing blunder

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Hundreds of your fellow educators are blogging about the triumphs, trip-ups, and trivialities of the teaching life to match the many moods of you.
This was as close to a training knockabout as the Welsh supporters are ever likely to see, but it was a hurdle John Toshack's side had to clear without any trip-ups or embarrassments.
Microsoft suffered a number of embarrassing, and potentially damaging trip-ups during its antitrust trial last week.
THE BIG VERDICT: Dewar looks like he's getting his act together after a few trip-ups in training.
Vasconcelos plays up her English language trip-ups, making the crowd warm to her endearing personality.
The triumphs and trip-ups are all part of the adventure that will lead you to the true you.
I promise you, our felines that are supercharged friendly will help you clean by interrupting you with meows, purrs and a few trip-ups between the legs.