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a naturally occurring glyceride of oleic acid that is found in fats and oils


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The cis fatty acid standard triolein was used as the background spectrum for all VFA-IR analyses (American Oil Chemists' Society 1999; Mossoba et al.
For in vitro experiments, assay for the inhibitory effects of saponins from stems and leaves of Panax quinquefolium on pancreatic lipase activity was performed by measuring the rate of release of oleic acid from triolein.
Micropipettes were set in a three-dimensional manipulator (MO-150; Narashige Group, Long Island, NY) and front-loaded with triolein oil (Sigma) vehicle by means of a nitrogen gas picoinjector (PL1-100; Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, MA).
The calibration study was also expanded beyond an analysis of monomers: a comparison of standards based on tripalmitin and triolein also showed no significance difference at 1.
To help understand what these breakdown compounds are, scientists use simple oils, such as triolein and trilinolein, as model frying oils.
To help understand what these breakdown compounds are, Warner and Neff used simple oils such as triolein and trilinolein as model frying oils.
SPMDs, which are layflat polyethylene membrane tubes containing a thin film of purified triolein, absorb freely dissolved neutral organic chemicals that diffuse through the polyethylene membrane.
2] exhalations (%) in the triolein (TBT) and glycocholic acid (GABT) breath tests [mean (SD)] in controls, and heart failure patients with (CC) and without (NON-CC) cardiac cachexia Controls CC NON-CC (n = 29) (n = 29) (n = 14) TBT(**) 12.
The isomerisation reaction follows a first order kinetics as in the thermally induced isomerisation of 9c fatty acids in triolein [13].
Lipid class standards were cholesteryl palmitate (steryl ester), triolein (triacylglycerol), oleic acid (free fatty acid), cholesterol, and phosphatidylcholine (phospholipid).
After transfer to sterile triolein (95% pure, Sigma), the carrier of choice for these injections, the methylene chloride was removed by evaporation.
To evaluate the recovery of naturally occurring fatty acids, we added a known amount of exogenous triglycerides to a pool of plasma, and 50 [micro]L of glyceryl triheptadecanoate and increasing amounts (5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 [micro]L) of both tripalmitine and triolein were added to aliquots of plasma (1 mL).