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a thermionic vacuum tube having three electrodes

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The main advantages of semiconductor triodes over vacuum ELs are [16, 17]:
high reliability in operation and great mechanical strength to shock loads and vibrations of individual semiconductor triodes and an electronic device as a whole containing a huge number of similar semiconductor devices;
Encouraging the development of ingenious new train brakes, revolutionary triodes as opposed to diodes, and a host of other technological improvements promises significant social benefits.
269) This triode both incorporated and improved on the earlier diode.
AT&T's lab, formed in 1911, adapted the triode to solve problems of long-distance telephony, and then solidified its position in radio and vacuum tubes.
Diodes act as one-way valves for current between two electrodes; triodes control current via a third electrode.
Still the microtubes might operate as diode rectifiers or triodes in areas of high radiation and high temperature, to roughly 1100 [degrees] C.
Semiconductor Manufacturing in China, the latest report from IBISWorld, comprises establishments engaged in manufacturing semiconductors and electronic devices, including diodes, triodes transistors, power transistors, transducers and sense devices.
The set includes volumes on Radar System Engineering, Radar Aids to Navigation, Radar Beacons, Loran, Pulse Generators, Microwave Magnetrons, Klystrons and Microwave Triodes, Principles of Microwave Circuits, Microwave Transmission Circuits, Waveguide Handbook, Techniques of Microwave Measurement, Microwave Antenna Theory and Design, Propagation of Short Radio Waves and Microwave Duplexers.
The Legacy Classics are very forgiving speakers; their 96dB rated sensitivity invites tinkering with modest power sources, even single-ended triodes.
In magnetic or electrostatic vacuum triodes the suppression is achieved through the use of auxiliary charged electrodes with or without a magnetic field [1].
Although single-ended triodes can outperform the SE-40 in one way or another, none of them offers the power to drive conventional speakers as well as the SE-40 does at its price.
Vacuum electronics technology embraces a wide range of devices, including the traditional multiterminal vacuum tubes, such as triodes, pentodes and beam power tubes, as well as many linear-beam and crossed-field devices, which employ either slow- or fast-wave structures, such as TWTs, klystrons, backward-wave amplifiers and oscillators, gyrotrons, free electron lasers and Cerenkov devices.
Other applications are offset bombing beacons and rendezvous beacons for refueling operations, for replacement of magnetrons at X- and Ku-bands and vacuum tube triodes at C-band.