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a thermionic vacuum tube having three electrodes

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Dual frequency remote units also had an auxiliary back section with separate klystron oscillator and triode power amplifier and related cabling.
In 1915, the Marconi firm brought a patent infringement suit against the De Forest firm, claiming that the triode infringed upon the Fleming patent relating to Marconi's diode valve.
A Theory of amplitude of force and force triode vibration.
Simondon gives the example of a triode to explain the effect of modulative amplification.
On the other hand, the relationship between the drain current and VGS and VDS in the triode region is: (2)
ROSS Ultra Triode electrodes contain no silver or silver chloride and have a double-junction reference design to protect samples from contamination.
The proposed GVCPR employs only five CMOS transistors, one operated in triode region and others operated in saturation region or OFF.
The aspect ratio of the trapezoidal structure was modeled from an approximated triode region drain current based on the gradual channel approximation and charge sheet assumption [2].
In the older version of the process, the conversion of 60 Hz, AC current to HF was done by using triode and resonant tank circuits.
In this way, what for Auden was a risky experimentation with the subjective triode of Rimbaud figures in Lehman's account as the admirable abandon of an outsider bent on revitalizing "the American poetry of the time," which had grown crusty with convention" (5).
To assess the EMG activity of selected muscles, seven surface electrodes (EMG Triode Electrode, Nickel-plated brass, interelectrode distance = 2 cm, Thought Technology, Montreal, Canada) were attached to the upper trapezius (UT), pectoralis major (PM), latissimus dorsi (LD), middle deltoid (MD), biceps brachii (BB) and triceps brachii (TB) muscles of the dominant side (Figure 2).
The transistors are biased in the saturation region close to the triode region.
Power cords are custom built for Merrill Audio VERITAS by Triode Wire Labs with 10AWG very high stranded copper.