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Synonyms for trio

Synonyms for trio

Synonyms for trio

the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

a musical composition for three performers

three performers or singers who perform together

a set of three similar things considered as a unit

three people considered as a unit

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Para quienes gustan de ese dialogo acerbo entre el violin y el violonchelo, que se entreteje en los cuartetos de cuerdas; o para quienes se deleitan con la majestad del piano y el violonchelo, o la contundencia del violin y el piano, el trio garantiza un oceano musical de suave y delicada navegacion.
The programme will continue with a piano trio by Schnittke, which was arranged in 1992 from his String Trio of 1985.
The two Duvernoy trios on this recording, possibly the earliest known works published for this instrumentation, are, according to Professor Bonnell's liner notes, excellent examples of the cor-mixte style of horn playing, where the hornist was expected to have great chromatic fluency in all ranges of the horn, rather than specializing in the low or high range.
The Trio range of cone, jaw and gyratory crushers, feeders, screens and track plants perfectly complement our existing range of pumps, hydrocyclones, valves, hose, screens, wear resistant linings, mill systems and dewatering equipment.
He spends considerable time on the early years of Dave Guard, Bob Shane, and Nick Reynolds, and carefully explores the formative musical experiences of the Trio members, with Shane and Reynolds growing up in California and Guard in Hawaii.
Weir will acquire 100% of Trio Engineered Products (Hong Kong) for $133 million with the balance of the consideration relating to the acquisition of 100% of Trio Engineered Products in the U.
Violinist Ari Isaacman-Beck, cellist Gwen Krosnick and pianist Emely Phelps formed Trio Cleonice in 2008.
The trio are part of the Erringden Ensemble which was formed in 2009 by cellist Helen Thatcher and violist David Aspin.
With federal programs, including TRIO, having been hit hard by budget sequester cuts at the time of his speech, Mitchem urged his audience to not "lose faith or hope" in their efforts to seek congressional and executive branch support for their programs.
With the display docked, Transformer Book Trio can switch instantly between Windows 8 and Android 4.
Under the terms of the deal, which was agreed in December 2012, Trio will pay USD7.
Taking its name from the popular German poet, author and humorist Christian Morgenstern (1871 - 1914), the Morgenstern Trio (Catherine Klipfel, piano, Stefan Hempel, violin and Emanuel Wehse, cello) was formed in 2005 at the Folkwang Academy in Essen, Germany.
May's is best known for its all-natural, healthy, bite-sized fruit, seed and nut snacks, and the Trio is a natural brand extension," says Augustine Kim, CEO.
Tarragon Development Corp's new luxury high-rise condominium development, Trio in Palisades Park, has just released one and two bedroom homes for sale in their second building.
In 1958, three clean-cut young men known as the Kingston Trio recorded a simple, century-old North Carolina folk tune called ``Tom Dooley.