trine immersion

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baptism by immersion three times (in the names in turn of the Trinity)

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Throughout the 19th century, there were multiple theological arguments related to the Brethren mode of baptism and a tightening of the requirement that Brethren could only become members if they received baptism by forward trine immersion. Thus, rebaptism was always a requirement.
While the final approval did not come until 1915, a 1911 committee urged Brethren to allow admittance without rebaptism to anyone who had already received trine immersion, had agreed with this form of baptism, had agreed to membership instructions, and had agreed to be received by the right hand of fellowship and the holy kiss.
Many of these will have united with the church of their particular tradition by forms of baptism other than trine immersion. When their lives testify to us of the fruits of the spirit we shall regard them as fellow Christians and congregations who so desire may receive them by transfer of letter as full members in full fellowship with us in Christ.
For example, he argues that the Brethren commitment to believer's baptism derives from Anabaptism, while their practice of trine immersion derives from Radical Pietist sources (121, 124).