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Synonyms for trimness

a state of arrangement or appearance


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While the overall length of the original Featherweight stock was the same as the standard Model 70 stock, its fore-end was considerably trimmer, and the trimness extended back onto the action area of the stock.
There was the same clean line in gesture and speech, the same trimness of content and grace of expression, and the same understated empathy with all manner of people.
There is a roughness and a heaviness about it, a want of completion about the garden, of neatness about the paths, and of close-shorn trimness about the plots and lawns, which strikes the beholder at once, and declares that though the likeness be there, it exists with a difference" (Trollope 1987 [1873], I: 84).
These ethical issues consist of: human bounty, positive emotional attention to all clienteles and their acceptance, logical evaluation of issues-piety, avoidance from greediness, not skimp, patience, appearance trimness, having professional qualification, do the knowledge, constant review of implementation, do his abilities [3].
This is due to limited job creation programs, adaptability trimness of corporate structures that may be indicative of uneven recovery, though the commercial property sector is making a reasonable comeback with growing interest from international occupiers and investors.