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made neat and tidy by trimming


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But a goat has to learn to stand on three legs while the fourth foot is lifted to be trimmed.
As indicated airspeed increases, the airplane--following the principle of trim--will pitch up to try to slow down to the airspeed for which it is trimmed.
Testers ran a broad range of boats under a worst-case scenario--engine fully trimmed down in manual mode--versus automatically adjusted by Active Trim.
Like most veteran carpenters, I've trimmed hundreds--maybe even thousands--of windows.
1 : to put decorations on : adorn <The dress is trimmed in lace.
ABSTRACT: A method and apparatus are provided for processing rough cut lumber to convert the rough cut lumber into trimmed to length and dimensionally trimmed to form a standard piece of dimensioned lumber.
We also tested a control treatment, pullets with intact beaks, and a positive control treatment of pullets beak trimmed at 10 weeks of age which were expected to experience some pain due to recent severing of the underlying nerves in the beak.
That level of service means a city- owned tree gets trimmed every eight years, Robertson said.
Given the selection of the press, Dalton then finished its plan to include robotic loading of the equipment, automatic unload onto a conveyor shot blast machine to remove loose metal shavings, cosmetic touch-up of the trimmed surfaces and an automatic rust inhibitor application taking the finished castings to their packaging location--all with no manpower from the robotic loading up to the packaging point.
Once these items are slit and trimmed, many customers will check the parts by performing a flow test, backpressure test or both on the parts.
EPAD op-amps offer analog circuit designers a cost-effective solid-state alternative, which is easily implemented and can be remotely trimmed under PC control.
A cutting mechanism inside the mold trimmed off any excess material.
Which has more saturated fat: trimmed pork tenderloin or trimmed Select grade beef round steak?
Working with USDA Choice cuts of beef, Ki Soon Rhee and her colleagues trimmed all external fat from half of their strip-loin steaks and one side of each roast (top rounds, briskets, eye of rounds and arm pot roasts).
Nearly 3,000 miles of aerial electric lines will be trimmed this year as part of PECO's regularly scheduled tree-trimming cycle.