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a polymer (or a molecule of a polymer) consisting of three identical monomers

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(14.) Naik, RB, Ratna, D, SinghNaval, SK, "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Hyperbranched Alkyd and Isocyanate Trimer Based High Solid Polyurethane Coatings." Prog.
The researchers discovered that certain amino acids located on the gp120 protein undergo a process that stabilizes the trimer in its closed position.
Keywords Polyurethane coaling, Aromatic, Linear diacids, Cycloaliphatic compounds, Isocyanate trimer
In the same way, the main two peaks at retention times 9.85 and 11.55 min represent components with molecular mass 866 Da and should be the trimer polyphenolic oligomers.
Sample treatment with the enzyme selectively degrades hexamer and trimer isoforms without affecting HMW adiponectin.
These averages cover the whole molecular weight range, including the low molecular weight cyclic trimer and tetramer.
Polystyrene is frequently used in resins, and the styrene dimers and trimers eluted from polystyrene have been reported to have estrogenic activity (1).
There were not many surprises; the observed properties were due to a blend of effects from both the HDI trimer and the polyol.
[beaucoup moins que]Vous savez, j'ai beau trimer a batons rompus, je n'arrive pas a satisfaire toute la clientele pressante.
Proanthocyanidins (PA) detected in GSE by MALDI-TOFMS in reflection mode PA Number of galloyl unit Observed [[M + Na].sup.+] Dimer 0 601 1 753 Trimer 0 889 1 1041 2 1193 3 1345 Tetramer 0 1177 1 1329 2 1481 Pentamer 0 1465.5 (1466 calculated) 1 1618 Hexamer 0 1754 1 1907 Heptamer 0 2041.7 (2042 calculated) Octamer 0 2330 Nonamer 0 2619 Identification of flavan-3-ol and proanthocyanidin metabolites
? YES / / Today, 7pm / PS7 TOMORROW Clubbing / Ten Years of Audioporn Celebrating ten years of championing the finest drum'n'bass, dubstep and electro talent, Essex-based dance label is hosting an epic birthday shindig featuring guests Benny L, Shimon, SL8R, Warhead, Trimer and Sub:conscious.
Cependant, la fourmi ne cesserait de trimer durant les saisons les plus extenuantes pour stocker ses ravitaillements.
Further, research scientists showed that the body needs to produce neutralising antibodies that bind to the virus's outer envelope protein trimer. To support this idea, scientists found that they could protect animal models from HIV by injecting them with neutralizing antibodies that were produced in the lab.