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a fast sailboat with 3 parallel hulls

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Sabularse said the project also creates a new opportunity in studying alternative energy sources in the country as the trimaran will harness energy from the ocean to augment its energy requirements.
The trimaran vessel is still in the research phase in the Iranian Navy.
de la Pena, who served as a keynote speaker, reiterated the fabrication of the trimaran.
Through a combination of GPS data and advanced technologies such as virtual timing and ghost visualisation, Trimaran's GeoRacing solution allowed Canal+ to track the motorsport race in real time and better visualize its progression, enhancing the television viewing experience.
The record-breaking dash from Sydney to Hobart by Sean Langman in his 6o-foot trimaran Team Australia captured the imagination of the public for a few days in late February.
A trimaran is a multi-hulled boat that consists of a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls.
Muscat Oman Sail, the government-run agency behind the sultanate's successful foray into international offshore sail racing, have signed a contract for the purchase of a sixth Multi One Design (MOD) 70-foot trimaran (MOD70).
The oars on board Team Hallin did not stop rowing from setting off from Tenerife on January 6 until their revolutionary trimaran vessel passed the finishing line in Barbados on Monday.
Lionel Lemonchois, qui s'etait deroute vers l'Espagne mardi apres-midi a la suite d'une avarie sur son trimaran, a repris la course apres plusieurs heures passees en tete de mat pour reparer, a annonce avant-hier mercredi son equipe technique.
Software mogul Larry Ellison's giant trimaran, featuring a towering wing-shaped sail, beat Alinghi by more than a kilometre in the second race off the Spanish port of Valencia.
The decision between Lockheed Martin Corp.'s mono-hull offering and General Dynamics Corp.'s trimaran design will have an impact upon naval shipbuilding for years to come, analysts say.
He and a crew of four set sail on a trimaran -- a very fast yacht with three light hulls joined together -- cast off from Muscat on January 8.
In his 97ft-long red trimaran IDEC II, which is 22ft longer than MacArthur's B&Q, the Breton took a massive 14 days off the Englishwoman's record and reclaimed the mark he broke in February 2004.
Joe Fanning, who rode Prime Number, completed a double on Trimaran in the following maiden.