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The Pistons are set to trim down their roster to 15 players before opening night.
As one of the tallest drivers on the grid, the Scot has already had to trim down since his arrival in F1 with Force India in 2011.
Trim down agapanthus stalks and wilted leaves at the base while they are dormant.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, shall attend the Parliament's session next Saturday, to explain his plan to trim down his Cabinet, in order to improve his government's achievements, supported by the Parliament in initial," the Parliament's Rapporteur, Mohammed al-Khalidy, said on Monday.
"Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half: With America's Cheapest Family" is a guide from the appropriately named Economides family as they give readers the advice they need for the family that wants to trim down that grocery bill for money to spend on other things.
The car had black trim down the sides and possibly has white wheels or wheel trims.
I cannot understand the mentality of the PCT, it is not the clinics that should be scrapped, it should trim down managerial staff and stop the waste that has gone on for years.
'The next step for us as coaches will be to trim down our trial squad to a final registered squad for the coming season.
So in January, the chairs of the House and Senate Public Health Committee stepped on digital scales in the rotunda and challenged each other to shape up and trim down. During their 10-week self-improvement plan, Representative Steve Holland, who weighed in at 304, and Senator Alan Nunnelee, who weighed 219, will wear pedometers and give up fatty foods and free doughnuts in an effort to inspire their colleagues and constituents.
So she took him to a vet in Portsmouth who put Benji on a diet which helped him trim down to a stone.
That's hard because it's meant significant capacity reductions and it means continuing to trim down work forces in the high cost countries, like the U.S.
Swimming is a good way to tone up and trim down, because to swim you need to move your body against the resistance of the water.
In 1975 Jerome Lemelson offered to license Iris patent for industrial robotics to the DeVilbiss company, which turned trim down. In 1978 DeVilbiss acquired a license from a Norwegian company for robotic paint sprayers.
The Anglo-Norwegian office storage and archiving products supplier Dexion Group is reportedly to trim down its number of employees from the current 3,000 to 1,800.