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TRIM back winter-flowering heathers when flowers have faded.
Instead, as Keck points out, the moderates, and particularly O'Connor, have set the tone by zigzagging between liberal activist decisions that prop up (and, in the case of gay rights, expand) the minority-oriented protections of the Warren Court and conservative activist decisions that trim back the authority of Congress over state governments in a hodge-podge of areas ranging from patent enforcement to age discrimination.
The Thursday Volunteers, a group formed through Nuneaton and Bedworth's Natural Environment team, pitched in to help trim back grass and hedges on Kingswood Meadow, off Kingswood Road, as well as picking up litter and general tidying.
Researchers need to explore whether prescription drugs that ease trichotillomania and OCD trim back grooming in Hoxb8 mice, Baxter says.
At press time, it appeared that other PE suppliers would trim back their HDPE increases to 3|cents~/lb while maintaining 5|cents~ for LL/LDPE.
Creeping off Using a knife, trim back new growth of Virginia creeper and ivy on house walls so it does not get on to paint work, invade guttering or sneak under tiles.
Trim back laurel hedges (pictured) and cut privet, beech, hornbeam, yew, box and holly.
Trim back penstemons, cutting the old shoots to just above the lowest set of leaves.
Have a final weed of your beds and trim back any perennials.
STEP 4 Apply the 6mm plugs and place the trim back into position using 8mm screws and your drill driver.
* CHECK all shrubs and climbers for growth that was damaged or killed by this year's severe frosts and trim back affected branches to a healthy green shoot.
When it has finished flowering you can trim back to the green growth to keep it tidy, but if you cut back into the old wood it will not regrow.
As the plants finish flowering and fruiting it is time to trim back the foliage and pot up any runners you require.
Cut off dead wood flush with the stem and trim back healthy stems with a 45 degree angle cut just above the next bud on a stem.
Trim back the dead flower heads on winterflowering heathers with shears.