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an extinct arthropod that was abundant in Paleozoic times

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"Over the ensuing decades hundreds, if not thousands, of complete trilobite specimens - representing 80 different species - were uncovered, with many of these beautifully preserved remnants ending up not only in museum displays around the globe, but also being handed down from generation to generation as prized family heirlooms." Mr Barlow became hooked on fossils during childhood visits to Dorset's Jurassic Coast.
Farsan (1998) described and illustrated trilobite specimens from the late Famennian (Strunian) of several sections in Afghanistan, which he assigned to Omegops accipitrinus accipitrinus, Omegops accipitrinus maretiolensis, Omegops paiensis and Omegops cornelius and gave a description of the eye visual surface for all of them.
Trilobites first appeared around 521 million years ago and thrived throughout the lower Paleozoic era before going extinct some 250 million years ago or well before the first dinosaurs appeared on the scene.
One of the most representative trilobite churches in Romania is The Arges.
Trilobite and star-like trace fossils from the White-Inyo Mountains, California.
Ichnofauna of Early Ordovician was palaeogeographically controlled, although trilobite related ichnotaxa typical of Gondwana can be found rarely in Baltica and Laurentia.
Over the years this quarry has produced beautiful trilobite specimens.
At the same time that Electrolux was developing the Trilobite, another Swedish firm, Husqvarna, was designing a robotic lawnmower--the Automower.
Any student will enjoy making trilobite or chicken bone fossils.
* FOSSIL FEVER: There's a trilobite in my son's bedroom - and I want it
The increasingly feature-laden Swiss knives have become a signature artifact of the 20th century--nearly as ubiquitous as the trilobite in Paleozoic sediment and part of every environment except passenger aircraft.
Staff from Tarmac are working on a "rummaging area" and, once it is finished, visitors will be able to hunt for the trilobite fossils which have only been found at the quarry.
Large, cheap Diacalymene trilobite, 3-D preservation in nodules of
The aim of this study was to investigate the distribution of the trilobites of the lowest part of the Ordovician limestone succession in the East Baltic and to observe their zonation in comparison with Scandinavian trilobite biozones.