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(of a leaf shape) divided into three lobes

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Placentae 1 Round with periphery 69 46.0 thinner than centre 2 Round with periphery 03 02.0 thicker than centre 3 Oval 27 18.0 4 Irregular circular 33 22.0 5 Bilobed and Trilobed 03 02.0 6 Accessary lobe 03 02.0 7 Kidney shaped 03 02.0 8 Heart shaped 03 02.0 9 Triangular 06 04.0 Table 2.
Stamen oblong with velvety externally, white, anther crest distinct trilobed. Stigma cup shaped abruptly widening, orange with cilia; style translucent with orange dots with cilia.
Orenstein and Barlow (1981) observed the origin from a small aponeurosis in vireos, including the trilobed and multipinulated aspect of Psd s.
Neutrophils with tetralobed nuclei (Figure 1(m)) or trilobed nuclei (Figure 1(n)) were more common.
Ovary trilobed, sometimes round; situated to right of body midline in three specimens, to left in five specimens, between vitellarium and testes.
In polar view, the pollen were trilobed and circular.
The style is light pink at base and dark green above, 4 mm long and trilobed. The stigma is short, capitate, shiny and wet papillate type (Fig.1e,f).
On the next panel we see the Buddha in meditation, seated in a closely fitting niche where the trilobed arch almost encircles the head and shoulders of the figure.
Numerous tecniques have been described for nipple reconstruction following mastectomy (e.g., local adipocutaneous lap, distant tissue laps, cartilage grats, local laps as bell, skate flaps, star flaps, bilobed flaps, trilobed flpas, and C-V flap technique) but no one is entirely satisfactory.
The paramere is trilobed. Females have spermathecae with 8 segments and a pharynx with a network of scales.
Normal pulmonary anatomy is also reversed i.e., left lung is trilobed and right lung is bilobed.
The fetuses with type II TD are reported to have cloverleaf skull which means a trilobed skull.
Biophysical characterization of the C-propeptide trimer from human procollagen III reveals a trilobed structure.
Assessment of the following is mandatory: position of atria and cardiac apex, location of aorta, bi-or trilobed lungs, sub-diaphragmatic venous return, position of stomach and/or malrotation, liver/gallbladder position, and the spleen (present/absent, splenuncules).