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(of a leaf shape) divided into three lobes

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2b) trilobate; anterior margin with row of setae; median lobe broadly triangular, wider than lateral lobes.
Over the row of trilobate arcades, decorated with "flower bouquet" vases, another row of niches is superimposed, near the cornice, the solar disks within it.
- Posterior margin of pronotum rounded (Fig.3) apex of male cercus pointed (Fig.B) female subgenital plate trilobate with very small lateral lobes and small median lobes (Fig.C) ..............................................................3
3B; posterodorsal to supracoxale) simply rounded, kidney-shaped, delimited from metepisternum by deep, trilobate impression, and produced dorsally and posteriorly, contacting and covering the dorsolateral basis of abdomen.
Terminal flagellum slightly trilobate, with two median hollow depressions delimited laterally by a keel (Figs.
'Trilobate arrowheads at ed-Dur (U.A.E., Emirate of Umm al-Qaiwain).' AAE 18(2): 239-250.
Dettner (6) noted that second and third instars of European species of the subgenus Guignotites have trilobate labia with labia of larvae of the remaining species bilobate.
Posterior end of lorica trilobate. The species is relatively common, with cosmopolitan distribution (Segers 1995), but the f.
The nucleus appeared polymorphic including round, kidney, and bell shapes with hilobate nuclei, trilobate nuclei and tetralobate nuclei (Fig.