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using or knowing three languages

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Also, they enquired about the influence of the environment on their children's bilingualism, about issues of culture transmission and trilingualism.
Yet the political realities faced by the second generation are new and require a creative approach from youth to forge a new route that will prepare them to confront challenges such as trilingualism, academic success, youth culture, and economic survival outside agricultural work.
The "acceptable knowledge of the German and Italian languages" is usually ascertained through a bilingualism examination, which can also be extended to trilingualism. This exam is a hurdle for all candidates of the Italian national state who have no knowledge of German and therefore it prevents uncontrolled immigration and is implicitly an advantage for the local population in search of labor.
Susanna Fein (Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute, 2000), 427-443; John Scahill, "Trilingualism in Early Middle English Miscellanies: Languages and Literature," Yearbook of English Studies 33 (2003): 18-32, esp.
The context in which the subjects are immersed has been defined as additive trilingualism (Cenoz and Valencia 1994), where Basque, the language of instruction, is a minority language of Spain.
"Teaching Portuguese to Spanish Speakers: A Case for Trilingualism".
I currently conduct research and teach at the Keio Research Institute at SFC (located on Keio University's Shonan Fujisawa Campus) and in the Kyorin University Faculty of Foreign Studies focusing on the concept of English-Chinese-Japanese trilingualism an unusual topic even viewed internationally.
(13.) This is consistent with findings by Jedwab and Armony (2009) regarding a higher rate of language retention among young Montrealers whose mother tongue is Spanish (and a higher prevalence of trilingualism) when compared to those living in Toronto.
Among the topics are trilingualism in the Basque Autonomous Community and Malta from a socio-educational perspective, the time dimension of minority language use in Ireland, emerging and conflicting forces of polyphony in the Berlin speech community after the fall of the wall and their impact on the social identity of adolescents, endangered languages and endangered archives in the Russian Federation, and centralized and decentralized responses to linguistic diversity in Ethiopia and South Africa.
Chapter 4 displays Irvins ease with the implications of Gowers trilingualism, as he unfolds a bravura discussion of the meaning of pite in the tales of Constance and Canacee.
I had always said I would pursue my PhD immediately after graduation in May 2012, but after reflecting on the changes in our field and country regarding the importance of trilingualism, I am convinced that it is imperative to learn a second language.
Towards 'biliteracy and trilingualism' in Hong Kong (SAR): Problems, dilemmas, and stakeholders' views.