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a vehicle with three wheels that is moved by foot pedals

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"AA Trikes is a fantastic example of a small business here in Shropshire which is expanding year on year and we are delighted to be supporting this growth.
Amelia." " Mum Michelle said: "Amelia trialled one of these trikes and she cried because she was so happy to be able to ride it.
The hand trike has also received endorsements from wheelchair users like Weston Daley, one of the Capstone team's testers who is paralyzed from the sternum down and doesn't have the abdominal strength for complicated assembly.
The use of motorcycle trikes is increasing in step with the rising adoption of heavyweight motorcycles.
Far more than a bicycle or plaything, such trikes can bring serious benefits in helping to improve fitness levels and Jamie's mother Karen said how much her son enjoys riding it.
Recently, Morgan has added two new all-terrain product designs to the Mountain Trike range--the MT Push and the MT Evo.
It's understood Robert had bought the trike recently.
A cargo trike can be purchased for about $2,000 to $6,000 (or buy DIY frame kits for just over $1,000) from companies such as Main Street Pedicabs (, Organic Engines (www.organicengines.
The Harley trike line for 2010 offers two models: the Tri Glide Ultra Classic and the new Street Glide Trike, a leaner, lighter, stripped-down hot-rod style trike.
A "trike" typically used to capture street scenes for Google's free online mapping service launched on Thursday from the village of Tumbira in a first-ever project to let Internet users virtually explore the world's largest river, its wildlife and its communities.
Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure is a children's picturebook with movable flaps, about a troubling question: how can we know that what the Bible says is true?
A DISABLED boy has been banned from using a trike in the school playground - despite doctors' orders.
Posh and Becks forked out for a specially-designed trike for Kelsey Clarke so she can whizz round her school yard and play with her friends.
Since then, Mr Cook has become a regular sight, ferrying clients around Cardiff Bay, the Vale of Glamorgan, Gower and Brecon on his trike, not dissimilar to the kind of machine popularised by Billy Connolly on his World Tour series of programmes.
They have built the SK8 out of a customised 50cc Piaggio Trike which is a demented truck with three wheels.