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a word that is written with three letters in an alphabetic writing system

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We now describe in theory these methods of pairing our trigram tagger and morphological lexicon.
Trigram managing director Bill Houle said: "We were impressed by A&H and their consistent record for delivering projects on budge and on time."
As was the case with the trigram ka kua ga, two distinct patterns emerge when the syntactic environment in which ka mo ga appears, is studied.
The test phase consisted of 240 trials, made up of the same list of 40 trigrams, presented six times.
The Tortoise Who Bragged: A Chinese Tale with Trigrams, adapted by Betsy Franco, illus.
Up from Trigrams! The Struggle for Improved Language Models.
Take the trigram and 4-gram characters from the beginning of the words [w.sub.i], [w.sub.i+1], [w.sub.i-1].
Finally, "paring" refers to the neighboring relationship between two lines in the internal trigram (i.e., line 1 and line 2, and line 2 and line 3) and in the external trigram (i.e., line 4 and 5, and line 5 and 6).
We limited our searches to sequences consisting of at least three words (known as trigrams in Corpus Linguistics).
The Turkish version of the auditory consonant trigram test as a measure of working memory: A normative study.
Emms Gilmore Liberson's 'straight-talking and personal approach' makes it a favourite with clients such as Jaffer Group and Trigram Properties, and the practice is probably best known for advising local SMEs in sectors such as manufacturing and technology.
The method in [14] compressed text based on a trigram model; it splits a text file into trigrams and compresses these trigrams using a trigrams dictionary.
Table 3 shows the comparison between Trigram HMM and Table Extraction from Heterogeneous Documents (Table Extractor) using HMM.
Trigram Properties is seeking permission to build two blocks containing 63 apartments on a car park fronting on to Edward Street, Helena Street and Scotland Street.
Potential examples of conglomeration include monte-en-l'air, which exhibits interesting properties (on top of the minimal trigram with two successive hyphens) as compared with standard nominal compounds such as monte-charge (a goods lift).