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having threefold symmetry

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During radical hysterectomy before excising the anterior parametrium, the bladder should be dissected to the level of the trigone, afterwards the ureter should be dissected from the parametrium.
Infection rate in resection surgeries among other sites including tongue, lip, retromolar trigone and floor of mouth was nil.
Nerve fibers responsible for vesical sphicter competence are is located close to the trigone (BAINES et al., 2001; BERNADE & VIGUIER, 2004; FOSSUM, 2005; PHILLIPS & HOLT, 2006).
Also in contrary to Cohen technique, there is no likelihood of ureteral angulation, and ureteral orifices are closer to their natural site which results in the easier retrograde catheterization and ureteroscopy in the future, and unlike the Glenn-Anderson technique, in the present technique, by less manipulation of trigone and less ureteral mobilization, the limitations of favorable submucosal ureter length creation are not present.
Patient characteristic n Percent Gender Men 17 85% Women 3 15% Primary diagnosis Anterior tongue 3 15% Base of tongue 3 15% Retromolar trigone 2 10% Maxilla 3 15% Nasal cavity 3 15% Larynx 3 15% Hypopharynx 2 10% CUP 1 5% Stage I 4 20% II 8 40% III 7 35% IV 1 5% Treatment RT alone 18 90% CTRT 2 10% RT dose (mean [+ or -] SD Gy) 59.75 [+ or -] 5.77 (Range 45-66 Gy) [BED.sup.3] (mean [+ or -] SD Gy) 99.43 [+ or -] 10.04 CUP, carcinoma with unknown primary; CTRT, chemoradiotherapy; BED3, biologically effective dose for [alpha]/[beta] value 3; SD, standard deviation.
After the incision of the bladder, full thickness necrosis of the wall was revealed, with the exception of the anatomical area of the trigone. A partial cystectomy with debridement of the necrotic tissue and preservation of both ureters was decided (Figures 4-6).
Due to the size and position of paraurethral mass, we were concerned about injury to the trigone and therefore a prophylactic bilateral ureteral stenting was done in the beginning of the case.
In addition, magnetic resonance imaging revealed an inflammation related contrast material opacification spreading to the buccinator area and retromolar trigone mucosa on the left (Figure 2).
As a result the end of this technique, the disconnection line extends from the posterior part of the lateral ventricle opening, to the trigone of the temporal pole cavity (8,28,50).
Intravesical ureteroceles are commonly seen in asymptomatic adults and are usually associated with a single ureter which normally inserts into the urinary bladder trigone. Single-system ureteroceles may be unilateral or bilateral.
Xanthogranulomas in central nervous system mainly arise in the choroid plexus and most of them are located in the trigone of the lateral ventricle.
Bounded anteriorly by the last erupted molar, posteriorly by the ramus of the mandible, superiorly by the maxillary tuberosity, and inferiorly by the retromolar trigone, the retromolar space has been used for flexible fiberoptic oral intubation in patients with severe trismus in whom the reduced interincisor distance does not allow for placement of a rigid laryngoscope or a tracheal tube between the teeth [6].
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