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having threefold symmetry

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Of the remaining 106 patients, 48 received hydrodistention with prior trigonal block and 58 patients only hydrodistention.
The EE prototype engine (Figure 4) mainly consists of the pistons (1), the conrods (2), the trigonal links (3), the crankshaft (4), the Atkinson crankshaft (5), the Atkinson conrods (6), the balance shafts (7), the Atkinson gear wheel (8) and the cylinder head (9).
According to our previous work on Opposite Pair (OP)[20] and Trigonal Pair (TP)[13] compensation, we define more practical cooperation method with virtual compensation radius.
Additionally, the distal tip of the catheter is open with a flat pancake-shaped balloon that ensures that the scope is consistently placed and fixed at the trigonal ridge.
Then 12 research papers report on such matters as the Alexander module of a trigonal curve, fibered links of singularities of polar weighted homogeneous mixed polynomials, classes in the classification of curves on rational surfaces with respect to logarithmic pluri-genera, computing algebraic local cohomology classes associated with semi-quasihomogeneous singularities, some geometric-arithmetic aspects of separated variable curves, and mirror symmetry between orbifold projective lines and cusp singularities.
This degrades the symmetry of the crystal structure so that, instead of having a hexagonal structure, they have a trigonal structure with a corresponding threefold symmetry.
7% patients in their study is usually experienced at the end of voiding, and is secondary to trigonal irritation by the distal end of the stent when it crosses the midline or forms an incomplete loop.
In particular, depending on the crystallization conditions and molecular characteristics, different packing structures of the PP helices lead to the formation of the four well-known crystal forms: monoclinic ([alpha]), trigonal ([beta]), triclinic ([gamma]), and smectic ([delta]) structure [1, 2].
With every mile driven, a half-pound of trigonal, covalently-bonded molecules is spewed out, infinitesimally nudging up the average global temperature with an unknown time lag.
Hastaya yapilan sistoskopide mesane sag Ye sol yan duvarla-ra uzanan, orifisleri cevreleyen, trigonal yerlesimli yaklasik 5 cm'lik yuzeyi papiller kitlesel lezyon iziendi (Resim 1).
This reflects contributions from both trigonal B[O.
Both the monosubstituted and disubstituted transition states, 2 and 4 respectively, for the ethynyl substitution of fluorine with a lithium counter cation displayed unconventional geometry at the trigonal bipyramidal boron center.
Cristaliza en el sistema trigonal, dureza de 2,5 (MINDAT, 2012).
designed a novel trigonal dual-mode filter with controllable transmission zeros, and both dual-mode response and controllable transmission zeros are realized by using cross-coupling.